If you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, a good place to start might be at The Success Sanctuary .For those looking to make a bigger commitment, Tony is trained to the highest level in the latest cutting-edge NLP techniques and is proud to have worked with some of the UK’s individuals in many different walks of life. You might be interested in this if you are:

  • someone who wants to be more productive, confident and motivated.
  • a sportsman or women who wants to improve focus and results.
  • a business leader who wants to raise your game to the next level.
  • someone who’s interested in using cutting-edge NLP coaching techniques for high performance and quick results, or someone interested in employing a life coach to take action now.

High Performance 3 Month Results Program

This is the premium program for you if you’re serious about making changes. Tony Wrightons high performance coaching provides private, individual focus on your high performance

  • We start with a Two Hour Intensive Breakthrough Skype Session.
  • We have 3 one-hour skype sessions a month.
  • Unlimited email access and daily support in between to ensure max focus
  • Every private high performer gets the full value of all my products, 3 books, 14 audiobooks, and unlimited Diamond Club membership of The Success Sanctuary with more than 50 audio programs to listen to.

We start High Performance programs at three months as this is the best amount of time to start achieving best results. Everything is geared towards taking as much action as possible to gain serious results.

Please use the contact form below if you’d like to take part or for more details on pricing. NB – there’s a max of 10 High Performers per year.

(Or email now – Tony reads every email and will get straight back to you as soon as possible.)

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