The 2015 difference, and what I'm changing

The 2015 difference, and what I'm changing


Will 2015 be your best ever?

Welcome, welcome 2015. Happy new year. Fuzzy head anyone?

So what are you going to change this year? When looking at areas of high performance, a small little change can make a massive difference. So come on, let's make some changes. As we go, I'll tell you what I'm changing this year.

This year - I'm not doing New Year's Resolutions. I'm doing January Resolutions. I just reckon there's more chance of making them stick if we are a little less ambitious. Once I've got to the end of January, I'll then assess my progress, and - probably - head on into February and beyond. But perhaps this way it's more realistic than attempting to make a massive change for a whole year? There's more on this over in The Sanctuary.

I've jotted down 5 key areas. Ooh - and as you read, why not make a public commitment to your own resolution and let me know what you're changing in the comments section. Once it's on there for everyone to see, you basically have to get it done. (Well, that's the idea, anyway.)


Five areas to consider

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Time
  • Learning
  • Leisure

1) Diet. What could you eat that would improve your performance? How could you change your diet to give you more energy, health and vitality? Last year was the year I went Nutribullet crazy. There'll be plenty more of that in 2015. My mornings now begin with a smoothie of spinach, broccoli, avocado, ginger, lemon, coconut oil, coconut water, green powdery stuff with loads of vits in it, and raspberries. You're welcome.

2) Sleep. Do you prioritise sleep? How could you get more sleep? I LURVE sleep, but I know how hard it is for many people to get more, especially when little cherubs wake you up. If this is high on your priority list for 2015, check out this wristband, and maybe cut your caffeine intake? Also, you might want to become a member of The Success Sanctuary. There are tried, tested and trusted sleep programs in there that will help.

3) Time. Last year I spent two hours a day disconnected. That worked great for me, but I've got a bit lazy with that, and also started to check my phone before breakfast. in 2015, I'm going back to not checking the phone before breakfast, alongside the 'two hours off'. I actually started again last week and it's stunning how much more energy it gives me early doors. Just for a fresh, clear-headed, chilled, start to the day. Making the most of my time is key as I've got some exciting projects on the go for 2015, including launching a great new site today with Karl Morris. (If you like golf - you can check it out, and get a 20% discount too).


4) Learning. This is going to be my biggie in 2015. I'm going to make time for at least half an hour of non-fiction reading, audiobooks, or podcasts every day. It's quite doable as I read a lot anyway, and spend plenty of time in the car travelling to Sky and singing along to bad pop music when I could listen to more podcasts from great and inspiring people. I like Bulletproof Radio at the moment. (Oh and I anticipate that this resolution might be hard to do every single day, so I'll do it 6 days a week). I'm also going to try Spritz speed reading technology for non-fiction. No idea if it'll work but I'll report back in this blog.

5) Leisure. I really prioritised downtime in 2014, and I'll continue to do so in 2015. By that I mean I worked hard, but when I wasn't at work I really cut out the bits of half-work/emails/admin tasks that were creeping into my downtime, bigtime. Doing less to achieve more. Enjoying family, friend, and funtime. Cutting out work that wasn't essential, or I didn't enjoy.

I hope this has given you a few clues and ideas for your 2015 goals. I'm excited for this year already. If you're serious about making this year outstanding, there are new, special programs for 2015 in The Success Sanctuary right now. And of course a library of over 80 programs of mine that you can access at any time.

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