How to find your Aha! Moment with chart-topping podcast host John Lee Dumas #20

How to find your Aha! Moment with chart-topping podcast host John Lee Dumas #20


Today, we're after an Aha! Moment to fire up our lives. It turns out the phrase Aha! Moment is actually in the dictionary...Aha momentSo how do we have an Aha! Moment about our lives? How good would it be to find that thing, that really excites you? That motivates you to get out of bed with extreme energy every morning. In short, how can we all have an Aha! Moment. (Preferably this week, not that we're impatient...) Today's Zestology guest is the host of a podcast that has taken the iTunes Podcast chart by storm. John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneur On Fire, with over 1000 episodes in the bag and a huge amount of listeners.

And he's made it his business to ask successful, motivated, balanced, happy, energetic people about that lightbulb moment, the point in time when the flash of inspiration struck. So we talk about its importance, his Aha! Moment, and how we might find our own, and how your life can change once you have that Aha! Moment.

Zestology is all about living with Energy, Vitality and Motivation, and today's show definitely focuses heavily on the motivation side. Enjoy...

When you listen you'll hear:

Living with more energy

  • Delayed Gratification: a true telling point of an entrepreneur [8:15]
  • Weapons of mass distraction. What they are and how to avoid them [15:45]
  • If you try to resonate with everyone, you’re going to resonate with no one. [17:20]
  • Do the small things right every single day and watch them grow to amazing levels over time [26:10]

Easy, everyday tips for vitality

  • The benefits of having a disciplined morning routine for the first 80 minutes of the day [5:20]
  • Start you day with some sort of action activity to get the blood flowing and energy up before tackling your professional responsibilities [7:00]
  • You are the average of the 5 people you hang with.  Surround yourself with people who are adding to your fire and flame. [20:40]
  • KISS: Keep It Super Simple. Find one thing that you can absolutely dominate and crush better than anyone else can [24:59]

Finding motivation

  • To be energetic at any hour of the day, pursue a path that inspires and excites you [4:20]
  • Be the change you want to see in the world and other Ah-ha moments [11:00]
  • The Marshmallow Effect and the importance of delayed gratification [12:00]
  • The truth about entrepreneurship: 9 months without making single dollar [13:50]

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Have a super week, and here's hoping that Aha! Moment comes to you.

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