Is this the best coffee you'll ever drink?

Is this the best coffee you'll ever drink?


Bulletproof coffee - a road test and review

Remember the simple old days when your morning caffeine choices used to be coffee, or tea, and that was it? Er, no nor do I. We are the skinny cappu-frappuccino with extra foam generation, and there's a new contender for your morning brew - Bulletproof Coffee.

This crazy new coffee fad has taken the States by storm, and I'm meeting more and more people who drink it in the morning, so it was time for me to give it a go. It's basically ultra-pure coffee beans (this does make a difference, apparently), coconut oil, and a large hunk of grass-fed butter. Yes butter. The short reason for all this is that 'good fats' are supposed to be the best way to start your day, and combined with excellent coffee provides a powerful boost that is all you need until lunch. Here are the full details, including how to make it perfectly.

And here's the story of my Bulletproof coffee road-test. I was recommended it by Anna King from Avocado Nutrition who I trust, and said it would have particular digestive and energy benefits for me, so I was happy to give it a go.

First make your coffee with bulletproof beans.


Then get your butter and coconut oil/MCT oil ready while the coffee is brewing. Once ready, put everything into a blender. Please note - if you make the mistake of using salted, rather than unsalted butter, your taste buds will live to regret it for a very long time.


Then blend, and drink.

REVIEW: It's surprisingly delicious, and tastes like the kind of thing you'd buy in a fancy coffee shop, albeit with a slight dash of coconut. Energy-wise, I felt great and didn't actually feel the need to eat anything else until lunch. Early days, but I'm quite impressed.

Have you used Bulletproof coffee? Let me know in the comments section - your reviews are what will persuade me whether to keep going with this.

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