The best (or worst) Monday of your life?

The best (or worst) Monday of your life?


New year, new start

For many this is the first day back at work/school/the daily grind. How's it going? Is it the best or worst Monday of your life? I'm guessing after two weeks off, you've had better days. That's why today's email is specifically designed to perk up your day, your January and your 2015.

Step 1. Making tiny changes can have a significant impact on your performance this year. Where would you like to prioritise?

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Time
  • Learning
  • Leisure

Step 2. Re-read my New Year's Day blog if you want some ideas on how to do this. Or if you're just nosey and fancy finding out what I'm changing in these areas this year.

Step 3. Be realistic. Make the change for January, then assess your progress. That's what I'm doing. I'll then assess my progress, and - probably - head on into February and beyond. But this way it's more realistic than attempting to make a massive change for a whole year, right?


Step 4. If you are serious about making changes this year, join The Success Sanctuary. We'd love to have you as a part of our exclusive online retreat.

Successful, well-rounded people tend to have two key traits – unshakeable confidence and an ability to quickly relax when they need to. And that's why I created The Success Sanctuary, because it turns out a huge proportion of high achievers have something in common, and that is they take time out every day to relax, meditate, whatever you want to call it. And when you take a few minutes each day to come to the retreat, the idea is that you'll soon find you start to build relaxed, confident success. There are over 80 programs for you to listen to, and loads of interviews with high achievers and excellent people.

Okay, plug over. Enjoy your first Monday back. And if things get a bit heavy at work this week, remember the quote below. (Although maybe don't repeat it to your boss in a moment of particular stress.)


One more thing, if you'd like to make a public commitment to what you're changing at the start of 2015, head here, to the comments section.


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Speed-reading. Learn more, quicker.

Speed-reading. Learn more, quicker.

The 2015 difference, and what I'm changing

The 2015 difference, and what I'm changing