Opportunity in London to become a Bulletproof coach

Opportunity in London to become a Bulletproof coach

My buddies at Bulletproof are running a coach training in London. There's two spots left, and if you'd like to be one of those two, then read on. Bulletproof is a company I work closely with, and I'd say this training would be a comprehensive and potentially life-changing experience for you and others too.

Anyway, enough of me, here's the pitch from the Bulletproof guys. Over to Bulletproof...

Imagine this…

You feel great most of the time. You are deeply fulfilled, living a life you love. Your mind is clear, sharp, focused. Your inner state energized & confident. You know how to shift between states of expansive power & presence, inner stillness & calm. When challenges come your way – you meet them with skillfulness & resilience. Your personal relationships are fulfilling & meaningful. You are delighting in taking your performance in every area of life to the next level.

You are achieving your goals & living the best version of yourself.


This could become your reality.

The doors to our London Bulletproof Coach Training Course are open. We are looking for motivated people who want to achieve their goals, realize their potential and upgrade their body, mind and energy, and be paid well to help others do the same.

Is This You?


Download the course curriculum (below) and watch our recorded webinar with Dr. Mark Atkinson (Course Leader) & Dave Asprey (CEO Bulletproof)  WATCH THE WEBINAR HERE!

A few details: Each intake begins with a 2-day intensive workshop where you learn some of the tools of a good coach, and develop a community with your fellow classmates. After the workshop begins a 9-month virtual training. Each week, a new module of course content along a theme is complimented by bi-weekly practice calls. We ensure you have not only the knowledge, but the coaching skills to go forth and truly help people. We also offer an 8 week mindfulness program during the training, to help our coaches begin each coaching session from a place of presence. Near the end, our practice becomes more intensive, meaning coaches in training have 2 calls per week to hone in their skills before certification. Many coaches go on to start their own practice, while others use the training to enhance their existing resume and amp up their skills as a manager or director in the business world.

A Testimonial: Mike Hallowel I have been, and continue to be, blown away by the wealth of knowledge and the practical way it has been presented in this coaching course! I have a feeling of immense gratitude for it and just want to recognize the individuals involved in making this experience possible! Thank you Dave Asprey, Mark Atkinson, Rod Francis and the entire Bulletproof team! The world is better because of you!

For more info, check out the site here https://bulletprooftraininginstitute.com/home



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