Change only takes a minute

Change. It only takes a minute. Really?

Yes, actually. Welcome to my blog. Too often in the past self-help has been sharp suited men ordering you across hot coals, or blokes with ponytails waving incense around telling you “change doesn’t come quickly”. That was all a bit too much likehard work.

My style is different. It’s down-to-earth and on your level. I’ve been practicing for a decade so I know exactly what works quickly and efficiently. I’ve found that doing it quickly is particularly important to people who want to relax/get more confident/deal with problems/do something amazing.

My books (available in all good book shops, etc) are all titled … in a minute; Confidence in a minuteRelax in a minutePersuade in a minute. Every exercise in the books takes a minute or less so I thought that’d be a good name for this blog.

Many people live with stress or worry for years without ever doing anything about it. I just make it easy to take the first step. And the second… the third… and the fourth… And from there who knows what you can achieve.

That’s all – for now.

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Incredible new relax pack!

Incredible new relax pack!