Slowing down to create more energy with Natural Health practitioner Beverly Meyer #22

Slowing down to create more energy with Natural Health practitioner Beverly Meyer #22


Slowing down and calming down to create more energy. It's almost like a contradiction in terms. But perhaps that's why it works. It's certainly working for me, anyway. I've been enjoying plenty of downtime this summer, doing fun stuff like hanging out with my buddies at The Ashes. (Note for American readers: The Ashes is an epic rivalry between England and Australia in the sport of cricket. Think a baseball match that lasts five days.)TonyAndLadsFrom the cricket to this week's Zestology podcast. It is a good 'un, and contains some important themes.

One is slowing down a bit, having fun and stepping back to create a huge store of stamina and energy. Whether you go to the cricket, or something else. Amen. We need to talk about this more. All of my audiobooks on iTunes have a similar theme using hypnosis and NLP skills to calm the mind, get into more of an Alpha State, and (fancy words alert) activate the parasympathetic nervous system. And with my cool guest - blogger, podcaster and Natural Health practitioner Beverly Meyer - we can really get going on this subject of slowing off and switching off for more energy and to feel great.

Beverly also specialises in the area of nutrition and we tackle some fun foody subjects too. We delve right in and get technical around how good coconut oil is to encourage you to burn fat for fuel (great if you want to tone up and get an energy boost from your food). Then things get a bit crazy, like for instance, have you ever put coconut oil in your tea? Or on your face? And in your food?

And if you haven't ever supplemented with Vitamin K2, you may want to after listening to this.

As always you can find this episode (and all the rest) on iTunes. Or click play below to listen right now.

When you listen, you'll hear:

Living with more energy

  • Coconut oil provides a unique kind of saturated fat that helps your body burn fat for fuel. [5:00]
  • If you struggle with digesting diary, experiment with ghee (or clarified butter) into your diet. [7:00]
  • The human body digests and repairs itself when we’re in a slower, more relaxed state. [13:56]
  • The importance of stamina and a solid pace. [19:48]
  • The importance of Vitamin D and Vitamin K2. [29:20]

Easy, everyday tips for vitality

  • The benefits of non-hydrogenated plant fats like macadamia oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. [9:10]
  • Passionflower supplements. [10:15]
  • How to elevate your calves on a wall or a chair to mimic the same benefits of a nap. [21:03]
  • Why food needs to be first. [35:20]

Finding motivation

  • The best way to create more energy is to slow down [00:20]
  • Why men and women need to adhere to different nutritional plans [6:00]
  • How GABA works as the “brakes” of your brain and helps you slow down [12:05]
  • The Beta state [13:07]
  • The person that does the least is the most active [20:13]

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Enjoy this week, and if you'll be at the Ashes, let me know!

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