Can you cure your hangover with an IV drip? With Dr Josh Berkowitz #121

Can you cure your hangover with an IV drip? With Dr Josh Berkowitz #121

  • IV drips, do they work if you are healthy but in need of a boost?
  • Can they get rid of your hangover? The big question!
  • 30% discount if you want to try it out.

DISCLAIMER: This week's podcast was not recorded on a hangover 😂

It was recorded WHILE I had an intravenous drip pumping 25 grams of Vitamin C and 1.5 grams of Magnesium into my bloodstream.

Dr Josh Berkowitz's treatments are based on the direct intravenous introduction of fluids and vitamins into the body. IVs are the quickest way to deliver fluids into the bloodstream.

Check out the drip gently releasing Vit C into my arm while we chat on the website - pics there.

But how did I feel when I got one while talking to Dr. Josh? And could high-dose vitamins and minerals pumped into your body benefit you?

I love meeting world experts, chatting to them and rolling my sleeves up and trying new stuff at the same time. I hope you enjoy listening to it too.

Also very cool - if you want to try it out for yourself, you can quote Zestology when you contact them at and get 30% off. A not too shabby discount.

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When you listen you'll hear

  • What is Preventive Medicine? [8:50]
  • The importance of Magnesium to our  body [10:40]
  • Athletes taking IV drip of Vitamin C [14:03]
  • Dr. Josh and his practice of medicine [16:03]
  • Traditional and alternative methods of medicine [20:38]
  • Best result and massive improvement with IV Drips [28:27]
  • Dr. Josh's tip to live with more energy, vitality, and motivation [33:01]
  • Mindfulness and enjoying the present moment [36:18]

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Stay zesty.

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