Dry January and alcohol/sleep experiments - Andy Ramage #150

Dry January and alcohol/sleep experiments - Andy Ramage #150


This podcast includes the frankly shocking results of my alcohol/ sleep experiment. Coming up in this podcast, you'll hear about my experiments with:

  • The Oura ring

  • Sleep and alcohol - my tests.

  • Drinking less / aka Dryish January

The Oura Ring

As you may know, I've been road-testing the Oura Ring (and have been talking about it on the podcast). It's a tracking device that you wear on your finger. It measures your sleep, heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and exercise. (Use the code Zestology to get $50 off).

Sleep and alcohol

And, rather shockingly I've found when I even have a small amount of wine, my heart rate variability scores are way down, my resting heart rate increases and my deep sleep drops off the chart . What's interesting about this is we all kind of know that we get hangovers when we drink and we are not at our best the next day. But this is cold, hard data that proves that my body don't work as well even after a small amount of alcohol. The graphic on my blog is on my resting heart rate when asleep (the two arrows were after the two nights out, and only 2/3 glasses of wine. Oof).

Drinking less

So for more on this, I'm definitely cutting down on the drinking in January - Dryish January as I'm calling it. I've talked to former professional footballer Andy Ramage on today's Zestology podcast. He is a successful trader these days, as well as running the popular site One Year No Beer and being an author at the same time. It's a brilliant interview, and if you're thinking of cutting down on the booze in January, or anytime this year, then I hope you enjoy. And if you want to read his article - How to do dry January without hating your life - it's here.

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