Effortless Living

Effortless Living


So you want to live effortlessly? I know it sounds amazing (and perhaps impossible) but we can get you started on that, and it's really a continuation of last week's theme.

There was a big response to my blog on Type ABC (Awesome But Chilled) Personalities. Thank you for all your messages, it did seem to strike a chord. Many felt the same as Eric who said,

Bingo. Hit the nail right on the head. If there is a rehab for smartphones, I seriously need to consider checking in! I'm addicted, and it's turning me into a self absorbed zombie!

And Clair who's going down to 3 days a week to focus on family, her business she's building from home and other aspects of her life. She said,

I can't wait to start. It feels like a whole new, happy and balanced life ahead. :-)

And many others told me they're actively stepping back a little. As always do let me know in the comments below - it's great to hear and really nice to know when you've enjoyed or found something thought provoking.

Keep the feedback coming. But now, I know you want to hear how to live effortlessly...

I was recommended The Art of Effortless Living by Ingrid Bacci. It's a powerful read, and I definitely recommend it if you've felt engaged by this discussion over the last two blogweeks. Numerous sections stand out, but here are a couple of lines for you to consider as you go about your day today.

If we measure who we are by what we do, we end up sacrificing creativity and the pleasure of doing things well, for doing them faster. We put aside higher values that make life meaningful for the sake of getting the job done. And since we're in a hurry, we don't get to experience true involvement and concentration. But these are what make work pleasurable!

It's the subjective feeling of pleasure that helps us make right choices for ourselves. When we're healthy, we commit ourselves to activities, friendships and professional work that gives us joy. Yet to a remarkable extent, many of us have learnt to eliminate enjoyment as a critical guide in our life choices.

I really think these are powerful words, and have had quite a few lightbulb moments reading the book. It's not available on Kindle, which annoyed me at first. Then I realised how ironic my reaction was given the topic of the book! Actually, I often find that non-fiction books are like cookbooks - better on paper - and that turned out to be the case in this instance too.

Thoughts? Please do post in the comments below, it'd be great to hear from you.

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PS - I have a cool new accessory thanks to my goddaughter Bonnie. Anyone got a tie in a matching colour?


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Are you a Type ABC Personality?