An experiment that could dramatically improve your health

An experiment that could dramatically improve your health


Every once in a while I'm thrilled to have to feature different bloggers and ideas on my site. In recent months I've been honoured to have the authors of The Seven Secrets to HappinessThe Art of Non-Conformity, and Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, all contribute to the high performance blog.

Time for something else new today. I saw my Aussie friend Faustina recently and she raved about her pal called Sarah Wilson - author of I Quit Sugar. She has just finished a book tour of the US (where her book is now in it's second week on the NYT best seller list) and the UK (to launch her second book, I Quit Sugar For Life).

I'm sharing (with Sarah's permission) a combination of a few of Sarah's recent blog posts.

Part of the reason that I wanted you to read Sarah's words is that I've just quit sugar myself. It's just for a while - to feel healthier and boost my immune system really. Yes, I do miss ice cream. And chocolate bars. And, uh, everything really. But I'm feeling good. I really enjoyed Sarah's new book, and felt inspired too. Over to Sarah.

By Sarah Wilson

I first quit sugar because of my autoimmune disease. I have Hashimotos. And a big part of why I've stuck to the sugar-free program is that it’s made such a damn big difference.

So the simple answer is this: Quitting sugar has had the biggest impact on my AI, more so than my medication or any other medical fix (and, trust me, I’ve tried everything). In the past three years, I’ve been able to better manage my AI, but also – yes – heal and reverse the damage.

I have zero thyroid antibodies now. I’m on the most minimal dosage of thyroxin. My hormone levels have fallen back into the right range (more on this soon!). It’s taken years to get to this point. I put it down to the massive change to my diet that quitting sugar precipitated. And to breaking the cycle that autoimmune disease invariably locks you into.


But why? And how? Let me explain…

Warning: Even if you don’t have an AI, you’ll probably find this post helpful because the advice I share relates to all of us. Or you probably have a loved one who has an AI…please share this with them.

Sugar mucks up your gut

Blood sugar imbalances inflame the digestive tract, causing leaky gut (literally, a perforated gut lining). In turn, leaky gut triggers the development of AI.

Sugar causes inflammation

Inflammation in the body compromises immune function. In addition, sugar compromises the ability of our white cells to destroy toxins. This effect begins within 30 minutes of eating the stuff and lasts for five hours.

Insulin spikes destroy the thyroid gland

Sugar can lead to insulin resistance: for a more in depth description remember to go here.

Also, this: Insulin resistance affects our adrenal glands and they respond by secreting cortisol. As you know, (yeah?), cortisol is the “flight or fight” hormone, reserved for special occasions (like being chased by a tiger or some such).

Problem is, if cortisol is over-used ‘n’ abused (from eating sugar daily), this all suppresses pituitary function. Um, which is vital to thyroid function (the hypothalamus, thyroid and pituitary work as a threesome).

Flipside, a bung thyroid can then cause insulin issues

And around and around we all go right?

How’s this work? Our thyroid function depends on blood sugar being kept in a normal range, and keeping our blood sugar in a normal range depends on healthy thyroid function. I explain in more detail here.

Anyone with thyroid issues has a much harder time with sugar than everyone else.

You have to break the clusterf*cky cycle… yourself

It’s hard to say which comes first – metabolic issues or bung thyroids…chickens or eggs. But does it really matter? At the end of the day, my friends, it all comes down to sugar. And the solution really is to quit it.

For me, I know my AI issues stem back to a sugary carb addiction in my late teens. It led to gut issues, insomnia, addictions, hormone issues, nervous disorders, adrenal collapse…and then Graves (another form of thyroid disease) … and then Hashimotos.

The only way to break the cycle, and to eliminate both the trigger and , is to quit sugar.

Anyway, I reckon that’s enough for now. It was quite a rant.

If you’re ready to take control of your health and quit sugar you can sign up for the next round of our 8-Week Program here.

Again, for a more thorough explanation of how sugar heals autoimmune click here.

Thanks again to Sarah, and a quick reminder her new book is here.

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PS - if you are into golf, sports, or just general self-improvement, my friend Karl Morris has written a brilliant new book. I am really enjoying it, the emphasis being all about focus and attention. The link is here, get involved!

Photo Credit: oskay via photopin cc

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