Flexible lives and focused minds

Flexible lives and focused minds


Scheduling work around our strange and wonderful lives.

This week's blog looks at flexible lives and focused minds. (Yes please to both.)

Here in the UK, anyone now has the right to ask for flexible working hours. This is incredibly helpful for people who want to be able to schedule their work around their strange and wonderful lives, rather than the other way round. Thousands are already thought to be mixing up their work schedules to leave more time for other important things.

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I’ve worked unusual hours for years, and I recommend the whole flexi thing. Sure I worked on Saturday and Sunday night until midnight. But today I’ll be sipping coffees, getting plenty of space in the gym, avoiding the commuter crush, seeing friends, generally mooching about enjoying my day off. It’s just different – I like it.

Are you tempted to mix it up to make more time for family, friends, and the aforementioned mooching about? Could you start later, finish earlier, work longer one day and shorter the other? The possibilities are endless and quite exciting if it can improve your life.. Do you work strange hours?

From flexible lives to focused minds. Consider the below thoughts from Patrick Holford. (Pic of my copy of his book, taken from my phone).


I love this and Patrick Holford is an inspiration, but in this instance, perhaps we need more. Because we know that focusing the mind can be helpful, but sometimes it's easier said than done to, for example, focus on a candle flame. There's a teeny little problem there - for me anyway - and that is I get bored.

I know personally, try as I might, my mind will wander. I'll start thinking about what's for tea, or who my football team are playing at the weekend, or that the fridge needs defrosting. And all of that when I should be focusing on the candle flame.

We need something better, more helpful and easier to access to truly focus our mind. And the answer might, just might, be in this week's fresh program in The Sanctuary, where we look at this subject in more depth. If you've not tried it yet, the first month is £1/$1.

Here's to flexible lives and focused minds.

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