Why does food taste better on certain coloured plates?

Why does food taste better on certain coloured plates?


Colour research and how it can help us feel good

Why does a dessert taste different depending on whether it is served on a white or black plate? Why do fast food restaurants tend to favour the colours red and yellow (appetite stimulant, apparently), and why do they ignore blue (appetite suppressant, we're told)?  And why do we spend hours picking just the right colour to paint rooms in our house, agonising over thousands of shades such as 'crispy crumble', 'soft stone' and 'mellow mocha'.  Because of the way it makes us feel. (All three look almost exactly the same by the way - see here.)

A while ago I wrote about the interesting research based on the colour green, such as the hospital patients who got better quicker with a view of nature and even the idea that a green screensaver promotes creativity.

But today I thought it'd be worth investigating the power of other colours and the way they make us feel. Because make no mistake, colours influence our mood. After last year's 'green blog' I changed my phone screensaver to a pic of a green field, and I have to say it worked. I felt rather relaxed whenever I read it. Armed with this knowledge (but not an expertise in colours - as is evidenced by my usual haphazard wardrobe selections), I've been searching around for different shades that might inspire us in some way. Please note: I am not suggesting you dress all in purple or yellow. There's plenty of places you could put these colours - screensaver, sticker on the fridge, etc - without going full-length yellow onesie.

Here are three colours that you could look into this week, and the ways that they can apparently influence our moods and emotions.

  • Bright Orange: Warm and cheering they are, positive, and the colour orange represents new possibilities. Orange iPhone case anyone?


  • The colour yellow strengthens the nerves and the mind, and for many people brings inspiration and a sense of possibility.

Photo Credit: Warm 'n Fuzzy via photopin cc


  • Violet, the soothing colour of transformation, bringing peace and call. Leonardo da Vinci had a theory about this colour. He proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation tenfold by meditating under the gentle rays of violet. It's gotta be worth a try.

Photo Credit:Shandi-lee via photopin cc

For more, check out this excellent 'colour therapy article' by Dr Laura De Giorgio.

And however enthusiastically you might embrace this week's blog, please leave that yellow onesie at home.


PS... Agree? Disagree? What colours work for you? Let me know below.

Photo Credit: amchu via photopin cc Photo Credit: Warm 'n Fuzzy via photopin cc Photo Credit:Shandi-lee via photopin cc

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