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Hi - it's been a while. Since I last blogged, I got back from my important work trip mostly-holiday in Australia and California, and my second book Relax in a minute seems to be doing rather well. Thank you for all your support with it.

Also, excitingly - my book Confidence in a minute has been published in China.  More on that in a moment, but first this.

Free iPhone apps

Somebody send me an email through my website the other day - suggesting that because I've not had any of my free giveaways for ages, I might like to do one. Fair enough... if you don't ask, you don't get.  In the early part of next week I'm going to give away 30 free copies of my app Be Super Motivated in 7 days.  You can be in any country where there is iTunes to be involved, so if you've got an iPhone, watch out for my next blog in the early part of next week.  You'll be able to claim your freebie instantly if you win.


Confidence in a minute is being published in a number of different languages, including Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, German, Japanese, and Chinese.  I'm really thrilled and honoured by this, of course, and I present you a few of the images from the Chinese version.  It's very different from the English version, and I'm already rather fond of the illustrations in it.

The front cover.  The 'cardboard box with eyes underneath' logo appears throughout the book...

This is the section on changing your password.

The importance of changing physical state to change the way you feel.

Well, it took me a while to work this out (and I wrote the book!). But what do you think?  The best suggestion will win a copy of my book in Chinese.  (Or English, if you'd prefer).

That's it for now. Remember to look out for my blogs next week for your free app, and I'll let you know what the above cartoon has to do with confidence.  Oh, and I'm back on TV - Sky Sports News and Sky News - from this Sunday night onwards.



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