The meditation gadget that could change your life. (Maybe). With elite performance coach Dr. Stephen Simpson #17

The meditation gadget that could change your life. (Maybe). With elite performance coach Dr. Stephen Simpson #17


There’s a new gadget that claims to improve your mental fitness. It’s a headset called Muse, that syncs up with the iPhone to help you, apparently, begin feeling the benefits of a calmer, more composed mind. It makes use of EEG technology that only a few years ago would have cost 1000s. Now it’s just a couple of hundred quid. Still expensive, granted, but amazing access to technology that we never had before. And I’ve got one here...

I decided to test it out with my first repeat guest on Zestology podcast - definitely back by popular demand. Dr. Stephen Simpson is an Elite Performance Coach, medical doctor, and NLP expert who specialises in a fascinating field. He's developed the niche of helping poker players win more money. We chatted about poker in Zestology episode 2, today though I wanted to explore the topics of intuition, altered states, and how when we tap into these we can increase our energy and wellbeing. He’s the perfect person to do this with as you’ll hear.

In this podcast, we explore luck, intuition and altered states, and of course test out this new Muse headset gadget which is a lot of fun. Thank you Steve for being the guinea pig. This is how it looks.

When you give the unconscious mind room to space and speak, intuition starts to pop out, and energy and health manifest themselves too. IF the Muse headset works, that’d be the perfect way to give our unconscious minds more room and space, and basically chill out much more effectively.

But what is Steve's verdict? Click on to hear more.

When you listen you'll hear:

Living with more energy 

  • Luck does not appear to be random. There are certain characteristics that lucky people possess, such as the simple belief that they are lucky. The harder you work, the luckier you get. [5:30]
  • Practice meditation like Sir Isaac Newton by barely keeping enough consciousness to hold something in your hand as you unlocked your unconscious mind in the alpha state. [16:20]
  • The alpha brain waves are present during deep relaxation and usually when the eyes are closed, such as when you slip into a lovely daydream or during light meditation. [14:15]
  • The benefits of bio feedback [32:30]

Easy, everyday tips for vitality

  • The space that our unconscious mind takes up in the brain is far larger than our conscious mind. Why that matters [10:20]
  • If you have a big decision to make or if you want to do some real clear thinking, go to a different place and break your normal routine. [18:48]
  • Find a way to get into the alpha state more frequently. Going into a deeply meditative or dream-like state helps you access your unconscious intuition more to handle stressful, top-level conscious activity more efficiently. [12:50]
  • When you’re engaged in top-level conscious activity, your brain emits waves that transition you into the beta state; like when you’re engaged with any type of phone, website, or electric device. Here’s how to slow that process down. [14:15]

Finding motivation

  • Listening is a great way to live your life more mindfully. Listen to the birds. Enjoy the wind. And bring yourself into the moment. [2:00]
  • What is intuition? It’s a feeling that comes from nowhere, but the conviction that comes from it is most likely coming from the deep unconscious mind and not complete random. Follow the sum of all your knowledge about what is right and wrong. [8:00]
  • One way to get lucky or to develop your intuition, is to calm your conscious mind and give the unconscious mind room to speak and for you to listen. [11:20]

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