A free giveaway, & feeling good for no reason

A free giveaway, & feeling good for no reason


[1 minute self development] How To: Make Money is one of the most popular titles on sale on iTunes on the subject of money. I recorded it in 2008, and who knew how relevant it would become with the financial crash we're experiencing at the moment. It's a series of interviews with people who've made lots of money in different fields. Every time I listen I pick up something new, and I truly hope you find it as useful as me.

Free giveaway

If I was to approach you in the street right now and give you a fistful of cash, that would be pretty cool.

Sadly, I'm not going to do that. I like keeping the cash in my pocket too much. However, with my next blog, I'm going to give every single subscriber to my mailing list a free copy of the audiobook - How To: Make Money.

It's a bestseller on iTunes and I've never given it away free, but as a one-off I think now is the time. I'm going to give you the audiobook with my next blog/mail. You'll only get your copy if you're signed up - so if it sounds good enter your email in the box on the top right of this page.

This is just for mailing list subscribers only. I'm doing it because I understand that these are challenging financial times for everyone - so if you'd like your own copy of How To: Make Money put your email in that box on the top right or click here and enter your email in the box.

If you're already signed up, simply look out for my next mail. And if you find anyone handing out fistfuls of cash in the street - please let me know!

Feeling good for no reason

I know some of you saw and enjoyed my little sign I put up in the coffee shop last week.


The sign says 'Who's gonna have a great day?'. Underneath there were pull-off tabs saying 'I am'. I also put two tabs at the end saying 'Not Me'. Knowing the wry sense of humour in London, I thought they'd be the first to go, but look what had happened a day later.


The 'Not Me' tabs never got taken. I enjoyed that.

Why do it? Simply because it's quite fun sitting here tapping away and watching people start smiling or laughing out loud as they tear a little piece of paper off a sign. No other reason.

There's another sign going up tomorrow. Rest assured I'll keep you posted.


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Stealth mission to spread positivity...

Stealth mission to spread positivity...