Be a Goal Digger (Not a Gold Digger)

Be a Goal Digger (Not a Gold Digger)


Two experts share their thoughts on how to achieve success.

It's much more fun being a goal digger than a gold digger, honest (although I do like the tune). So what do you really want? How about more time to relax every day? Or the holiday of a lifetime? A top new job? To run a marathon? Or maybe improved health? Whatever it is, let’s dig in to the day-to-day stuff that might help you get there, courtesy of a couple of experts

But first, gratuitous digging picture goes here...

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Dr. Gail Matthews, a researcher in California, investigated goal-setting and sharing. Her study suggests that if you share your goals with a friend and then send them weekly updates, you are 33 per cent more likely to achieve them.

Dr. Robert Cialdini (persuasion guru that I've mentioned before, worth googling) agrees that commitments are even more effective when they are public. We feel more tied into them, so we’re more likely to take action to make them happen. It’s about how we like to remain consistent with previous actions, and the bigger the commitment (or the more public), the more likely we will be to remain consistent to it.

So share your goal with a friend, or lots of friends, or even on Facebook. Give them regular updates – it’ll help you focus on all of the day-to-day stuff. And give your friends full permission to encourage you to really dig in and achieve something meaningful.

See, no gold digging required.

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PS - during the making of this blog I listened to Kanye West, Gold Digger five times in a row. I now can't get it out of my head.

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PPS - at this time of year a lot of people 'park' important stuff and tell themselves they'll do it after Christmas. But that's a whole month of the year you're missing out on. Don't get me wrong, I love Chrimbo and all the parties and fun that goes with it, but I like to, er, do some stuff at the same time. Check out the Sanctuary below for more on having a meaningful December.


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