Happy cows

Happy cows


[1 minute self-development] Thought for the week:

"Happy cows give good milk"

If you're a boss, teacher, parent, friend, partner - how could you make your 'cows' happier this week?

Talking of happiness, last week I had a healthy response when I posted my recipe for happy work:

You enjoy it + you're quite good at it + you don't do too much of it.

But does this recipe produce success as well as happiness? Is it possible to be successful without 'doing too much' work? Does success require 25-hour-a-day dedication, or is there another way?

It probably depends on what you define as successful in the first place.

Happy Cow 1 - Tony Wrighton Blog

My guess is that everyone has a different answer, and I'd like to hear yours. Enter yours in the box underneath this blog or contact me, it'd be good to know what you think. (The best thoughts will also be earmarked for my forthcoming book about happy cows In The Mooed for Success.)

Thanks, and be a happy cow this week,


ps here's the evidence... scientists say cows given names are more content and more productive and produce tastier milk too.

pps total respect to the fella who took the main cow image in this week's blog. A truly happy cow.

ppps I'm not really writing In The Mooed For Success. Although come to think of it...

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