Happy stomach = increased energy and happiness with digestive expert and podcast host Sam Bearfoot #16

My personal development background is in NLP and related more to focusing on the mind. But I want Zestology to look at every area of our physical and mental health, and I know personally that when my digestion is good, I feel good. Likewise, when it's not, I feel sluggish and slow. I definitely have my ups and downs with digestion and gut health, hence today's show. Today's Zestology Podcast guest is someone who goes by the name of The Digestion Detective. Sam Bearfoot runs a successful practice here in the UK, combining kinesiology, nutrition and a number of different areas of expertise. She also hosts the popular Digestion Detective podcast and is regularly featured in major health and lifestyle publications such as Health & Fitness magazine, Daily Mirror, Prima and Cosmopolitan.

She's a bit of a ledge, and in fact her and I are both appearing at an event together in London in July. Enjoy today's show - remember you can click below now to listen.

Zestology goes from strength to strength. I'm loving it, and thank you so much for all your feedback. If you haven't followed our instagram feed yet, with lots of Zestology tips and beautiful images, then you can click here now.

When you listen you'll hear:

Living with more energy

  • How to work out: what agrees with your body and what doesn't.
  • You've heard about the importance of drinking water, but do you know when to drink it?
  • How the crazy technique of putting your legs above your head might change your life!
  • Whether you should be eating gluten.

Easy, everyday tips for vitality

  • What kinesiology is and how it can help you.
  • How muscle testing might help you.
  • What probiotics to take, and where to buy them.
  • What to do if you've been on antibiotics at any point over the past couple of years (important).
  • Despite everything you hear, be careful with raw food. Why - listen on.

Finding motivation

  • Your emotional wellbeing is intrinsically linked to your digestion.
  • Make your body run super-efficiently, and notice how you feel.

Meaningful reading

Mum's Not Having Chemo

  • by Laura Bond

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