How to get over fear of flying

How to get over fear of flying


[1 minute self-development] Some fun stuff last week with the Absolute Radio Christian O'Connell breakfast show.

Quite apart from bringing back great memories of my radio days (I worked at the likes of Atlantic 252 and Century FM for 10 years before moving to TV), it was a fun morning hanging out with Christian and producer Richie.

Richie was by his own admission an extremely nervous flyer and had four flights to take at the weekend.. I first chatted to him on the phone during the show on Tuesday, and then went in to the studio on Wednesday.

Here's us heading into the boardroom to do a few short techniques to help with his fear of flying.

Afterwards, Richie seemed to be very positive - check out this second video.

The proof is in the pudding though, and conveniently they had two flights on Thursday booked to Lapland to do Friday morning's show from there.

I had a couple of lovely texts from him and the team when they arrived saying how much better the experience of flying had been. (One of Richie's colleagues described him as 'cured'!).

And then this tweet from Richie when he landed seemed to confirm that everything is now well.

Tony Wrighton fear of flying success

So... how to do it? If you have a phobia of something then the skills used in NLP can really help. After all we're not born with phobias, we learn them. So we can learn to react differently too. Get in contact if you'd like to discuss yours. Or my book Relax in a minute has the exact techniques that I used on the radio this week.



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