Five ways to get more done

Five ways to get more done


Sometimes when we look at the habits and routines of other people, we can gain inspiration, right? That's what the study of High Performance is all about. By studying their behaviour, surroundings, values and beliefs and then, uh, copying them. Well, not exactly copying them, but just taking the little nuggets of inspiration we need and applying them to our own lives.

1) Phone ban.

Ouch. Really? Give up the phone? Yes, but only for a few minutes a day, according to Mark Williams, professor of clinical psychology and director of mindfulness at Oxford Uni. "See if you can build in technology-free times into each day," he says. "See if these times can be used to do something that either gives a sense of pleasure (such as being with friends without a phone, or reading a favourite book or magazine), or a sense of mastery (such a tidying your desk for 15 minutes, or cooking using a new recipe). Many blog readers already know I switch mine off for two hours a day... it helps, even if sometimes I really want to send a whatsapp and I can't.

2) Find your 'success environment'.

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Yup, I know this sounds a bit Tony Robbins, but hold on. New York Times bestselling author Chalene Johnson knows a bit about success. She says you need to identify the things, places and people that inspire you to be your best and allow you to be your most productive - your success environment. She says exercise often falls into success environment.

3) Discover 'airport mode'.

Author Charlie Hoehn - I mentioned him last week - reckons the key to an uninterrupted night's sleep is putting your phone into airport mode. This gets rid of the temptation to check random messages / meaningless articles on buzzfeed at 3am. Then you wake up refreshed and ready to get more done.

4) Get a yogalosophy.

Gain an inspirational outlook on life and get into 'yogalosophy'. Mandy Ingber, the creator of Yogalosophy, is a fitness and wellness expert, and reckons it helps mind and body to get nicely in sync. I personally love yoga too and find it clears the mind, although if you were to see me do it, you wouldn't call it yoga, just ungainly stretching.

5) The iPad is great for productivity, but NOT in the bedroom.

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With all this extra stuff you are getting done, you need to preserve your downtime. James Bond star Daniel Craig says he and wife Rachel Weisz have banned iPads and indeed all technology from the bedroom. That includes exploding wristwatches.

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Photo Credit: Deviantart Photo Credit: John.Karakatsanis via photopin cc

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