Iceman Wim Hof on tapping into the power of mind and body #72

Iceman Wim Hof on tapping into the power of mind and body #72


Have you heard of dutch daredevil "The Iceman", Wim Hof, yet? If not, you have a treat in store in this week's podcast. I first saw him speak in California last year. This guy is incredible. He holds 20 world records, including a world record for longest ice bath.

Wim has shown what the human body is capable of once you find the flow within your physical and mental state.

He describes his ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures as being able to "turn his own thermostat up" by using his mind through yoga. He climbed to 6.7 kilometres (22,000 ft) altitude at Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes. I know! And he completed a full marathon above the arctic circle in Finland, in temperatures close to −20 °C (−4 °F). Dressed in nothing but shorts, Hof finished in 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Listen to today's podcast for the opportunity to reach out and do more than what you thought you were capable of.

Through the right training and exercises, you can strengthen your inner nature and prevent disease.

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When you listen you'll hear:

  • Tapping the Autonomic System [10:00]
  • Strength and energy management by breathing better [11:40]
  • Benefits of cold shower after a hot warm shower [12:36]
  • Raising pH levels and improving vascular system [14:38]
  • Precourse on Wim Hof Method [15:30]
  • Training the vascular condition [17:50]
  • Conscious breathing [20:36]
  • Exercising the vascular system [29:10]
  • Maintain a natural state of physiology [30:41]
  • Getting out of comfort zone [31:22]
  • Conscious breathing brings more energy [35:40]
  • Feeling is understanding [37:46]

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Disclaimer from Wim: Always do the breathing exercise in a safe environment (e.g. sitting on a couch/floor) and unforced. Never practice it before or during diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath or any other environment/place where it might be dangerous to faint. The breathing exercise has a profound effect and should be practiced in the way it is explained.

The cold is a strong force. We strongly advice you to gradually build up exposing yourself to the cold. Always train without force and listen to your body carefully. If not practiced responsible, you risk hypothermia or an after drop. If you have health issues, please always consult a doctor first before practicing.

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