Learn how to 'power pose' in your sleep

Learn how to 'power pose' in your sleep


A while back I wrote about the 'posture of failure'. I managed to link penalty shootouts and mobile phones, all in one neat little blog and I was modestly rather pleased with it! (Click on the image below if you'd like to read that now)


Well recently I've stumbled upon some new and potentially relevant research on body language.

Amy Cuddy is the Harvard Business School social psychologist who apparently popularized the notion of “power posing". Now admittedly, power posing sounds like some hideous 80s technique to assert yourself, but bear with me here. The theory is the simple idea that standing in a confident way will help you to feel more confident. And vice versa, hunching over your mobile will make you feel a bit weedy.

But now she's worked out that if you sleep in a 'power pose', (that phrase again) with your arms and legs extended, you're more likely to wake optimistic and brightly in the morning. I know, it's enough to get us all adopting the starfish...


Check out this article by Melissa Dahl here (also contains advice if you like a good ol' foetal sleep position), and the full rather remarkable original scientific study here. It starts like this.

The current experiment tested whether changing one‘s nonverbal behavior prior to a high-stakes social evaluation could improve performance in the evaluated task. 

And I think it is totally relevant to how we carry ourselves through the day.

Talk to you soon.

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The personal development articles read more than any other.

The personal development articles read more than any other.