Is this a diet that is actually good for you?

Is this a diet that is actually good for you?


The 'Low Information Diet' taking the world by storm. A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.

So said Henry David Thoreau. (The dude with the scraggly beard in the pics.)

Let's look at the idea of selective ignorance.

The idea of reducing the information you consume is gaining ground, after having been championed recently by New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss, and originally by our friend Thoreau.

The theory behind The Low Information Diet is that you see and hear less information, and you are happier and more productive. Ferriss' rules for a short 'information fast' are; no newspaper, magazines, audio books or non music radio, no news websites whatsoever, no TV, no web surfing unless you need it for your work, basically no news.

Henry David

Now this is obviously quite extreme and I ain't switching sport off on the telly for no-one. But perhaps Ferriss has a point.

After my football team lost 3 times in a row, I tried it.

The 'My Football Team Low Information Diet.'

Just for two days, no QPR (yep that's my team) news. No forums, or QPR twitter feeds, not even a sneaky read of last week's programme. I still watched SSN (the channel I work on, obviously – had to keep that on), but put it on mute when the QPR goals came on and looked out of the window. Call it selective ignorance. Eliminating the painful reality of three defeats on the bounce.

It was bliss.

And then guess what, I woke up on day three, with my QPR diet over, raring to go, full of excitement once again.

Tony Wrighton QPR

(Yep, that's me pre-match in the stadium, full of optimism.)

Could you benefit from some selective ignorance? Quit juggling quite so much information?

Tony Wrighton blog

It doesn't have to be sports, it could be anything - whatever you know takes up a lot of time, and doesn't provide a great deal of beneft. The dude with the scraggly beard says your life will be richer for it.


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