The only way to make tough decisions with NYT bestselling author Karan Bajaj #60

The only way to make tough decisions with NYT bestselling author Karan Bajaj #60

  • Have you recently been agonising over a decision
  • Worrying about the impact the wrong decision might make?
  • Reached a crossroads and you can't figure out the right path?

Karan Bajaj is a NYT bestselling author, born in India and living in New York. He's hugely popular and he has found the solution for difficult decisions. If you're on the crossroads in life in anything--love, career, life--use this principle. He says it works every time and he wishes he'd discovered it earlier.

What is THE SOLUTION FOR MAKING DIFFICULT DECISIONS? Check out this week's podcast to find out.

As well as decision-making, we talk a lot in this podcast about silence and creativity. A few years back, Karan and his wife took a sabbatical from their jobs and traveled from Europe to India by road without possessions to hang out for a year. Yes, you read right, they set out on the road with nothing with them at all, to learn more about themselves.

This was one of those podcasts where I learnt so much. Karan is a deep thinker and there was so much to learn. He's also a huge fan of Zestology - which makes him an even cooler guy in my book :)

His new book is The Yoga of Max's Discontent, and is receiving tremendous advance reviews with The Daily Telegraph calling it "The greatest adventure of our generation" and Wall Street Journal saying "This book can change your life."

Listen on for the full interview, and of course, how to make the right choices in life.

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When you listen you'll hear:

  • Giving up all your physical possessions [3:00]
  • 30 days in silence [6:00]
  • Chasing ideas [7:50]"
  • Silence and creativity [10:02]
  • Working silence into our daily routines [15:11]
  • How not to let your dreams die after having children [18:20]
  • Delayed gratification [21:50]
  • Setting unattainable goals [26:38]
  • The only way to make tough decisions [30:12]
  • Pushing the boundaries of experience [35:40]

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