Stuck in a rut? Here's how you'll get out of it, and make 2014 awesome.

Stuck in a rut? Here's how you'll get out of it, and make 2014 awesome.


Happy New Year! It is quite easy to be cynical about New Year's Resolutions or new year 'goals', but if not now, then when? Our thoughts naturally turn to the future at this time of year as the slow detox begins, so if you fancy making 2014 awesome, then shove that cynicism to one side and read on.

As your slightly blurry head clears, are you up for making 2014 your best ever (or at least even better than 2013?). Cos, let's be honest, so often at this time we're full of good intentions, but sometimes those intentions don't always lead to action.

Over the next few days I'll bring you the latest in NLP research on commitment, persuasion and achieving outcomes to help make it happen.

There are a series of parts to our approach over the next few days.

  1. The all-important honesty questions about 2013 and your yearly review.
  2. The simple science behind writing stuff down.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll continue by; taking The Bruce Lee Test (yep, all will be explained), achieving like the world's top high performers,, and committing to making 2014 your best ever. And if you want to take it to the next level at any point - come over and join us in The Success Sanctuary. Right, let's get on with it.

New Year's Resolutions

So first, it's time to ask some important questions. Let's carry out your yearly review.

This first bit doesn't necessarily need to be written out by hand, so grab a pen or a screen, whatever easiest.

Your yearly review

Yes, it does help to sit down, work out what went well and what you could improve on.

  • Make 5 headings - WORK, MONEY, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, HAPPINESS. (NB – these are just suggested headings. You might want to make additional headings too, such as Family, Charity, Leisure etc.)
  • Under each, write three sub-headings. Good, Better and How.
  • Under each, write what went well, what could be better, and how could it be better in 2014. Simple, right? Good, Better and How.

So that's part one done. Simple.

New Year's Resolutions

Now for the writing stuff down bit.

There's been much research into the power of writing stuff down. Regular followers know my belief in the difference it can make to actually use pen and paper rather than smartphone screen. I won't go into too much detail here now as our focus is on preparing for 2014, however you might like this BBC article - Writing for health and happiness.

Writing it down

Grab a pen and some paper. Make the same headings as you made before - WORK, MONEY, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, HAPPINESS, and whatever else you put.

  • Enter your goals for 2014 under each category.
  • Write them in the present, as if they’re happening right now. (I have a new job. I drive a new Skoda. Etc. Studies show the unconscious mind takes them more seriously if written in the present.)
  • With each goal ask yourself – is this possible? If not – amend your goal until it is achievable.
  • With each goal ask yourself – are there any negative consequences to achieving this? (If so – evaluate whether this goal is still worth pursuing or amending).
  • Once you’ve settled on your goals, date them with the date on which you want to achieve them. For example: I have a new job - 9/9/2014.
  • Write them out smartly on a piece of paper (there’s a proven visual/kinaesthetic link between writing and achieving).

New Year's Resolutions goals

As simple as it may sound, asking yourself these important questions, making sure your goals are achievable and also exciting, and then writing them down in this specific way, seems to be the best way to get it done.

And then... there's another, even more effective thing you can do once you've written 'em down. It's pretty cool. I did it in 2012 and 2013 and wow! it worked. That's all I'll say for now... look out for that blog soon.


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