Reasons to start meditating with leading expert Emily Fletcher #24

Reasons to start meditating with leading expert Emily Fletcher #24


Are you a meditator? It turns out many high performers in all different areas are getting their meditation on. More and more leaders in the corporate/sporting/therapeutic worlds have been taking note of the benefits of meditation, which include lower stress levels, improved cognitive functioning, creative thinking and productivity, and even improved physical health. Oprah Winfrey is known to do 20 minutes twice a day, and tells anyone who will listen. A lot of my friends and guests on Zestology have spoken about this, so it’s time to get involved.

So we want to do less, to achieve more.

But how...

Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in Meditation. She has been invited to teach at Google, Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Viacom, Awesomeness Fest & Relativity Media. Emily began her ten years of training in meditation in Rishikesh, India under world-renowned instructors. She was inspired to share this practice with others after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her career on Broadway, which is a story all in itself.

You'll hear it, on this Zestology podcast.

When you listen you'll hear:

Living with more energy

  • Your emotions go somewhere: they manifest in your physical being the more you suppress them [8:10]
  • "The house always wins" [11:20]
  • Increasing brain plasticity betters communication between both sides of the brain [15:20]
  • Looking for a flow state [24:10]
  • A day in the life of a meditation teacher [30:45]

Easy, everyday tips for vitality

  • Meditation for better physical health [3:50]
  • Accept responsibility & take charge of your own health  [11:10]
  • How does stress mess so many things up? [18:23]
  • Meditation isn’t a cure-all; but it is a powerful stress-relieving tool [21:50]
  • Why meditation isn’t suppose to be a replacement for sleep [26:12]

Finding motivation

  • Intensive meditation training: what to expect and what happens [6:00]
  • The knowledge of longevity [9:10]
  • Mindfulness versus self-induced transcendental meditation [14:05]
  • Avoiding the meditation bends [30:18]

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Have a super week, and if you do get involved in a little meditation, let me know by clicking reply or heading over to the comments underneath the podcast listen page.

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