Meditation tips, sound baths and outdoor living with Camilla Dallerup #142

Meditation tips, sound baths and outdoor living with Camilla Dallerup #142


I love a walking meditation. Even if you are just fully present while walking it makes such a difference. Today's podcast is with a returning Strictly winner who's now all about meditation. And we walked and talked in this podcast. Camilla Dallerup won Strictly Come Dancing after six series with Tom Chambers in 2008.

She's now an author and meditation teacher living in LA, and when she was in London recently she came on Zestology. We agreed to do a return version in LA while we walked... so here it is, recorded walking along the seafront in Santa Monica, and popping onto the pier at the same time.

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EP142: Meditation tips, sounds baths, and outdoor living with Camilla Dallerup

-Part 1-

Tony:  We’re recording.

Camilla:  Okay.

Tony:  This is a proper experiment. I’ve never done this before.

Camilla:  Don’t you just like that?

Tony:  All of a sudden, we’re walking half-paced. We can walk properly it’s okay.

Camilla:  Well I actually walk quickly, get all hot and bothered.

Tony:  So, I’ve never done a podcast where am wearing, well basically attached to each other with microphones.

Camilla:  Slightly odd.

Tony:  It might completely not work, but it might. But we said, we’d do didn’t we? We said we’d record  a podcast while we’re on a walk which is why we made it happen.

Camilla:  I don’t know why we suggested it. But now, we’re committed.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  Cause that’s who we are as people, we say we do something and we do it.

Tony:  We do it, yeah.

Camilla:  No matter how awkward or difficult.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  We do it.

Tony:  Yeah, we do it. And we’re doing it. If anyone walks in between us, we’ll basically take their head off.

Camilla:  With the wires.

Tony:  With the wire separating us. But it’s really good to see you again.

Camilla:  And you.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  And here we are.

Tony:  In Santa Monica, this is…

Camilla:  One of my favorite places.

Tony:  That’s so great. It really is.

Camilla:  Do you know what? I came down here to watch the sunset yesterday. That sounds like a very amazing thing but the thing is, when you move to L.A. you think that you’re gonna do this sort of thing. This is surreal isn’t it?

Tony:  You get in character as well don’t you?

Camilla:  You think you’re gonna do this all the time right?

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  You see the sunset and sit at the beach. How..

Tony:  It’s wonderful. You can’t buy that, you can’t buy that from (unclear)

Camilla:  Right. However, what I just wanted to say is this – this is something that’s obviously vital in my work is when... I was,  you know, I headed for a burn out at 35, and I realized I wanted to have balance and create a life that was slightly more balanced for myself which mean, which meant that I could go and actually have a look at the sunset once in a while.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  But it’s easy to, we create our patterns and just move those patterns with (unclear) we move around the world.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  Move around the cities. So I just wanna share this. I really have to be, I’m an athlete, right? In my heart, I suppose. That was my upbringing and am very good at working hard. So, for me to actually say, I came down here yesterday to watch the sunset. I just want you to know that it doesn’t always happen, but it’s something that I really schedule in. and I make it happen because otherwise, like I, I mentioned to you a minute ago, why did I move here if I can’t schedule in having a walk at the beach, see the sunset. And this is just something that is, I think all of us have to be mindful of because we’re so blocked in, we’re so working all the time, you know that?

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  I said to a young girl the other day in one of my corporate classes (unclear). Do you switch off when you leave here? And she looked at me like I was slightly mad. She said no, no, I just keep on working when I get home. And I thought, wow okay this is what we, this is what we’re doing these days.

Tony:  Well we get normalized to our surroundings as well don’t we? I love London, but there’ll be days in London where I just sit in my desk and don’t go outside because am yeah, head down working. But here, smelling the sea, and I can, I just… loving the feel of the temperature of the air on my skin. And you know, the kind of weird, wonderful people down here as well. You’re noticing everything because it’s new.

Camilla:  Yeah. But I try to treat that still, after 4 years like it is new sometimes. And make sure that I schedule it in, because honestly, having balance is something that I work at everyday. It’s not just something that happens. When I say balance, it’s like taking time to just be and to enjoy what is all around us. Just enjoy this. What is this cycle, very colorful.

Tony:  There’s a guy going past us, a three-wheeler bike. With well, lit up wheels really, nothing more than that and a stereo on the back.

Camilla:  I think he’s competing with the Santa Monica pier, we’re behind us in colors.

Tony:  We should probably take a selfie at some point as well, just so people can see what’s going on in the background. We’ll do that on the way back.

Camilla:  That’s right. Cause they’re completely in the dark.

Tony:  Yeah. So, how’s it going because obviously, the last time I saw you. A book was just coming out and since then, you’ve been on a tour. A tour of the UK. Which it looks quite kind of ambitious - Talking about ambition and working hard, it looked quite ambitious what you’re trying to do with the tour.

Camilla: Yeah, I think it was a goal of mine to put on this re(unclear) workshops in the tour. And it was absolutely brilliant. I loved every minute. However, what I didn’t talk about was the fact that I also had a farewell tour, and I officially retired from dancing. Although, many people thought I had officially, maybe done, I hadn’t really given back the dresses and said I have officially retired and it feels really good. And you know what? I would like to share this. I figured out finally, knowing this and teaching this, but actually doing it. When you say, proper goodbye and close the door, actually full stop to something. It’s so freeing. And I think that the biggest learning is, what I’ve learned from this, you know, people don’t know when I mean left strictly from dancing almost 10 years ago but it took me this long to actually say goodbye to my dear business partner, Ian Wade. And really put a full stop and send the dresses back, and give the shoes away. Give everything away. Full stop. It feels so freeing.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  I feel like I created a space in my life again, so if anybody is thinking of saying goodbye to something but they got like what I call a “lil toe in the door” still.

Tony:  Right.

Camilla:  I can just say, it feels amazing once you do it and it creates space for new things, and (unclear) me away. I feel just liberated right now.

Tony:  Yeah. That’s actually very true.

Camilla:  Like I have all this time.

Tony:  Yeah. Well I guess when people do start a new endeavor, they often, as you say, they keep a toe in the door on the old endeavor. Often, because it paid better, and they can go do a (unclear) of work, freelance or whatever it might be.

Camilla:  Of course.

Tony:  Or it’s a safety blanket.

Camilla:  Me too.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  Totally guilty of that.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  And I think it was wise in some ways, cause it taught me lots of things. We were lucky enough to create an inspirational tour where we brought people along with us and share the spotlight and they have grown from that experience. But however, it was just the freedom that I felt, when I really said I have retired. And when people ask me now, do you still dance? I can freely say, No.

Tony:  You can say no, but I will go on, it takes to strictly, every once and a while, and talk, but just not dance.

Camilla:  No. it feels really good.

Tony:  Yeah, I bet.

Camilla:  So yeah.

Tony:  That’s awesome.

Camilla:  Yeah,  I can only recommend.

Tony:  So you feel liberated. But tell me about the events themselves because do you think, I mean out here, I was telling you I’ve been in New York and I went to a meditation studio there.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  And that’s the first time I’ve ever been into a meditation studio and time number 2 is gonna be in an hour’s time at your (unclear)

Camilla:  Yeah

Tony:  You can say (unclear)

Camilla:  Yeah. Oh right.

Tony:  (unclear) that’s the point.

Camilla:  Right Sorry.

Tony:  Time number 2 is gonna be at your studio in less than an hour. I’m very much looking forward to.

Camilla:  Yes.

Tony:  Your meditation class.

Camilla:  Yes.

Tony:  That’s the second time am going to a studio but do you think there’s a first for this more in the UK now as well? Because, we don’t have meditation studios in the UK.

Camilla:  Yes, absolutely. I was, since I moved here, I think all of the years I’ve seen a little bit of resistance when I came home and people were a little doubtful of all how does this stuff work.

Tony:  Could you explain on that by the way? That’s what they call the green (unclear)

Camilla:  I never knew the smell of that stuff til I moved here but it’s everywhere around here.

Tony:  But it’s legal here isn’t it?

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  So, I’m just admiring that. The pier is so beautiful for me.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  Yeah, I felt like there was a real openness. They came to the workshop, they really wanted to learn the tools of NLP. And they wanted to do the visualizations, which was, actually, those were the ones that really came and thanked me for after.

Tony:  That’s awesome.

Camilla:  Yeah. They were curious about the hypnosis, and I mean the stories I’ve had back from people reading the book. It has been really heartwarming. That’s all I ever wanted the book to do was to serve people through a time of feeling stark or lost, or overwhelmed. It’s has been, it’s much bigger than me you know. It’s some journey and so I really really enjoyed those workshops and you know I realized that, I think dancing was a tool for me to connect with an audience. But really all I ever wanted to do was connect in the way, the way am connecting now – through words.

Tony:  Right. Yeah.

Camilla:  So, it’s a big detour but it brought me to where am supposed to be.

Tony:  I’ve thought a lot on this trip about the different ways that one can meditate.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  And not just your conventional, actually sitting and meditating, but being on holiday, you have plenty more time just to do the things that you like doing.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  And that includes, obviously, working out but also something that I am into, and my girlfriend is into as well, I was like yes. It’s funny because you know I can be really tired and sit down on a game of chess, I’m totally energized afterwards. I think it’s just because of that sole focus on one thing, the exclusion of all other.

Camilla:  That’s it. Yeah. Whether that’s cooking, or walking or, playing chess doesn’t matter. They’re one thing.

Tony:  Yeah. Our brains are really meant to do that aren’t they?

Camilla:  Very much so. And that’s why I think it’s sort of, do you ever get like a board game out of christmas with your family or…

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  But, that sort of being together about the one thing and forgetting time just for a while. Can be forgetting those going on around, that really is a mindful experience.

Tony:  Yeah. Although board games can sometimes end in tears.

Camilla:  Can make the whole family fall out. I know.

Tony:  As can chess, we almost did fall out over a game of chess when we were in Texas.

Camilla:  You know, I’ve actually never gotten into chess. But maybe I should.

Tony:  I think it’s great. Yeah. I mean, it plays to all my geeky tendencies and passions so I do like it.

Camilla:  I think my husband will make it quite competitive.

Tony:  Yeah, yeah that was definitely my problem. So tell me about the class we’re coming to tonight and the studio we’re coming to, it’s the dedicated meditation studio here in Santa Monica.

Camilla:  Yeah. So, unplug meditation, started about 3 and a half years ago, and it was the first meditation only studio in the world. Where there was nothing else but meditation on the schedule. So it’s like coming to the gym, but it’s like a mind gym and you have every type of meditation you can imagine. From mindfulness, to aroma therapy, to crystals, to mantra, literally, mention it, it’s part of it. And the guided images as well. So tonight, and this is interesting cause when I first joined the studio, I actually just popped down there to write an article about it and I just walked in and I thought, I never want to leave this place.

Tony:  Oh really?

Camilla:  Yeah, I just felt like I wanna stay here and I literally just said to the owner, I want to teach here. She’s like, join the line, you know, join the queue, cause everybody wants to teach here.

Tony:  Oh Yeah. Yeah.

Camilla:  So anyway, few months later. I started teaching there. And then the funny thing is that I was doing guided imagery, which is sort of comes from the hypnosis part, so very, a lot of visualization and relaxation techniques and some mindfulness but I never thought I would be teaching with crystals.

Tony:  Yeah. And that’s what we’re doing tonight.

Camilla:  Yeah, I denied it for a long time. And I had done a reiki course, and I was really into aroma therapy but I really denied the crystals. And the boss down there, Suzy, awesome woman, kept asking me to teach the crystals cause she knew I had a passion for it like privately. And I was like, no no it was too woo woo for me, am not interested. Anyway, she asked me so many times, and in the end, she asked if I wanted to go on a course and study the reiki, the crystals, and the aroma therapy all together. And I just surrendered and I thought, you know what? am clearly meant to do this. I’m clearly meant to add it on to my kind of CV if you wish you know?

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  And here we are, few years later.

Tony:  Oh good, well this is, that’s why I booked on to it, I wanted to do the most woo woo standing thing possible.

Camilla:  Right What do you think? No, honestly, do you think that’s a bit woo woo Camilla?

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  I do. Which is why I wanted to do it.

Camilla:  I love it

Tony:  Right, reiki, crystals. It’s not really sky sports is it? Which is why I wanted to come. I’ve got an open mind, you can’t say fairer than that yeah?

Camilla:  It’s not really. It’s not really. That’s all you need. And you know what, the funny thing is that, this is the sentence I get a lot - I don’t really believe in crystals but it’s really relaxing in that glass.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  And you know my husband is very non-woo woo but if he gets a bit of fair, sort of cold over there. He will say just put the crystals on do you mind?

Tony:  Oh really?

Camilla:  So, apparently, but he doesn’t believe in it. But it makes him feel like everything clears. So there we are, I don’t know what to say.

Tony:  What I like to think of myself as skeptical but open minded. So that’s probably a good way to be. And do you know what? I’m sure that whatever happens I will feel relaxed, given the chance, I would probably fall asleep.

Camilla:  If you snore, I’m gonna have to wake you up.

Tony:  Yeah that’s fine. I’d probably… just to warn you –I will.

Camilla:  Okay. I’ll say this, each to their own. I don’t push anything on anybody, but I have seen too many things now, to not believe, that they have some sort of energy that maybe just helps you to connect deeper with yourself or whatever it is. There’s something that I can’t describe so yeah. You make your own choice.

Tony:  Yeah. Well no, am very open minded. I do know that I snore though, because I use this app called sleep cycle, have you heard of it? It basically, it tells you how deep you sleep. But it also records your snoring, so I can listen back to it. I’m obssessed to it. It’s great. I make a real racket, it’s brilliant.

Camilla:  Oh no. Does your girlfriend kick you? I would.

Tony:  She doesn’t seem to mind that much.

Camilla:  Really?

Tony:  She’s great.

Camilla:  No, if you do that in class, am gonna have to wake you up a little bit.

Tony:  Okay. Yeah, that’s not so social in class. And then I guess what we should do is record a little bit afterwards.

Camilla:  Yeah I’m really curious to see what you think.

Tony:  Yeah, yeah.

Camilla:  Is there anything very specific you like to work on today?

Tony:  I’ll just navigate this with the microphone, there we go. Is there anything specific… I mean I feel pretty chill, I’ve got a great holiday, I’ve got a really great weekend with this conference in Pasadena.

Camilla:  Yeah

Tony:  Which was a lot of chance of socializing and reflection and everything else. So, I guess, I didn’t sleep that well last night. So, no.. it would be nice to have a bit more…

Camilla:  Is there any reason for that?

Tony:  Well, I know you guys have been dabbling with dodgy muscles, I think I might have had something similar (unclear) yesterday… (unclear)

Camilla:  Oh no. Should we get a photo here do you think?

Tony:  What’s that?

Camilla:  Should we get a photo with that on the background?

Tony:  Oh great good idea, right. Hang on, right. We’re pausing.

Camilla:  We can do it in mine if you want.

Tony:  Oh yeah, we can carry on recording. This is literally as we go. So now we’re taking a photo in Santa Monica (unclear). Just so people can see where we actually are.

Camilla:  It’s gonna blow out, because of the light behind us.

Tony:  Yeah. Am happy with that. Are you happy with that?

Camilla:  Yeah. It’s fine.

Tony:  Yeah, it is fine.

Camilla:  Aww.

Tony:  That’s good.

Camilla:  He feels better clearly, cause he (unclear) online.

Tony:  Your husband feels better?

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  Oh good, excellent. Right. I think what we’ll do know, we’re walking up to the main road.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  One of the things I do find, just before we stop recording, is not about meditation, this is about L.A, is the fact that, it’s just roads everywhere aren’t they? It’s just hard to get anywhere without a car.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  And there is incredible nature, cause I saw it yesterday in Pasadena. We went for a hike in the mountaines but sometimes it’s hard to find.

Camilla:  Yeah, well. Yeah, I suppose you’re right. And there are roads everywhere, the weirdest thing is, you can literally just go right, left off the main road, up the hill and you’re like overlooking the city. And you forget, it’s so quiet up there, you forget that there’s all those roads and the business. It’s like extremes all together.

Tony:  I think what it is more is the fact that, it’s just the sheer scale of the USA. So, see, right now, we’re in a beach resort, we’re in Santa Monica, and yet we’re walking over what is, lightly on 25. Isn’t it?

Camilla:  I know, it’s true. You’re right. But isn’t not just L.A though? I think it is an extreme place. I think you have extremes of everything here.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  That for me, sums it up perfectly.

Tony:  And do you find that you spend a lot of time, you mentioned the hiking, and the walking, do you spend a lot more time outside than you used to? Do you?

Camilla:  Oh yes. Just being, we were at a wedding on Saturday. We were outside the entire time. And it just was, wonderful conversation. I didn’t know if it was being outside.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  It was just great, and we came home, how lovely was that, we spent the whole day outside. And you can plan it, that’s the thing. And on Sundays, we just go sit by the beach and read a book.

Tony:  I love it. The warmth of my skin, the roar of the motorway underneath me. (unclear)

Camilla:  But also, people also very much here, stay in their own neighborhoods. That’s really very different than London, in my opinion.

Tony:  Right. Yeah.

Camilla:  Well I don’t know, I never did that when I was in England. In London, I just went everywhere.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  You can come to (unclear), whatever. I don’t know. Do you stay in your neighborhood all the time?

Tony:  That’s funny you say that though, cause I met someone early on, I was talking about a kundalini class that takes place in West Hollywood.  And she was like, (unclear)

Camilla:  Did I tell you about that one? did you already know that though?

Tony:  I’ve been before. I’ve been on my last trip. It’s crazy there. I actually recorded there.

Camilla:  Amazing.

Tony:  Yeah. And she said, do you know what…

Camilla:  In the (unclear) studio, right? That one.

Tony:  I can’t remember. The main woman is called Tasia.

Camilla:  Yeah. She teaches at the (unclear), yeah.

Tony:  She’s incredible isn’t she?

Camilla:  Yeah. Amazing.

Tony:  I mean if anyone gets a chance to go to that. It is the most wild and most wonderful thing, but she is so real.

Camilla:  Oh yeah. For sure.

Tony:  Anyway,I was talking to someone, and said like you know, I don’t leave Venice Beach, I don’t get over out of town to do that kind of thing.

Camilla:  That’s right. Two of my clients said that to me today, oh we don’t leave Santa Monica. That’s what they do, they go to work here, they come home, and I kinda get it. I’m getting a little bit like that. I’ve actually just cancelled a few of my classes just to make sure that I made my life a little bit easier.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  What? I literally just done it. I was like, sorry, can’t do it. I means (unclear), traffic sorry.

Tony:  Right, yeah. Because you’re not turning down good money, it’s just so liberating for your life.

Camilla:  I just don’t want to do it.

Tony:  Yeah, I mean like, if you’re listening to this. And in terms of being inspired by getting outdoors, you’ll do it, but not everyone has weather like L.A. but just kind of make use of the good days. Haven’t you?

Camilla:  Do you know what? When I was home, it’s funny you said that, I just was home touring right? I was at my mother-in-law’s house.

Tony:  You call home - UK. Even though, this is your home now.

Camilla:  UK, yeah. Well, yeah, now this is home. Sorry, back in the UK.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  That’ll always will have a special place in my heart. I was sort of, felt claustrophobic or whatever like indoors all the time. And I said to my parents in law, am like am going for a walk. And just walked around the village, cause am so used to getting out everyday, like 3 - 4 times a day with the dogs even. In my breaks, I am out with my dogs.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  And suddenly, I was, I hadn’t been out walking. I felt like ugh. We went to (unclear) and place like that, I was out walking along the sea front. It was beautiful.

Tony:  Yeah, lovely.

Camilla:  Yeah.

Tony:  Well, let’s pause recording.

Camilla:  Let’s pause.

Tony:  I’ve no idea how this sounds. It might be usable. It might not. But it’s been fun, fun recording.

Camilla:  Oh we’ll see. We’ve had a nice walk.

Tony:   I look forward to your class.





-Part 2-


Tony:  Okay. Yeah. (unclear) recording a podcast now. That was nice. It was really good.

Camilla:  This specific class, because it’s 9pm, has got a really special lot too.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  Like, I got asked to do a Tuesday morning about a year ago or something and then, I was asked if I wanted to let this class go. And I said I can’t because there’s something really unique about coming here and doing this class and then going straight to sleep. Which is why I try to just say goodnight at the end, right? You just want to go to bed now right?

Tony:  Yeah. I mean really, (unclear)

Camilla:  Yeah, exactly.

Tony:  You know, it’s one of the first things I noticed was it was absolutely packed. They queued around the block for this. I expected it would basically be me, and (unclear). And it was packed. Can’t imagine that in London.

Camilla:  Do you know what? Give it a few years.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  I can imagine this in London. I am already imagining it actually. I can feel it. It’s coming. There’s a need. There’s definitely a need.

Tony:  You’ve got a very down to earth nice manner about you which isn’t too hippy dippy which considering the subject matter I think is quite important.

Camilla:  That’s good. Well, I suppose that’s why I was resistant to work with crystals because I do feel like am sort of straight down you know, coaching NLP and hypnosis and nothing too woo woo but at the end of the day, we’re all energy right?

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  So..

Tony:  I was laughing there was one bit, where you said one thing which I recognized as very NLP wise, just imagine if.. then whatever…

Camilla:  And then you went off to imagine it..

Tony:  I did, yeah. I actually think I’ve got that kind of mind that suits meditation very well.  Because alive, or even now, I was like, you know, floating around subjects, and that’s why it probably suits me so well to meditate.

Camilla:  Yeah. What did you think about the sound baths? The vibrations? Do you love that?

Tony:  I loved it, yeah. There’s a connection between meditation, crystal, and there was a bit of a gong bath in there as well.

Camilla:  I don’t have the big gong yet, but I have the balls yeah. Sometimes, we do have gongs here but  not today.

Tony:  Wow.

Camilla:  Are you here this week? Are you here to be able to do a sound bath tomorrow at 12? Or…

Tony:  Yeah, potentially.. maybe

Camilla:  Okay.

Tony:  (unclear) but potentially..

Camilla:  Or Thursday at 9pm because the guy is seriously unique.

Tony:  Really?

Camilla:  Yes. Seriously. He has different level. We’re talking VIP sound baths. $2,000-3,000 each.

Tony:  Really?

Camilla:  Like, amazing. The sound is unbelievable. He has a crystal (unclear) that he plays around your head and it vibrates through your entire body. You feel like you had the best massage in your life when you leave, it’s like your whole body aligns.

Tony:  I feel like some people are switching off a crystal (unclear)

Camilla:  I’ll try it.

Tony:  I think I’ll love it.

Camilla:  Is that too woo woo now?

Tony:  What? No, it’s not.

Camilla:  There’s actually a science to it.

Tony:  Yeah. I totally agree. Because it resonates, it’s not only the sound that resonates through the whole body.

Camilla:  And he will tell you all about that. Exactly, if you put the water in the ball, and you play it, it will vibrate, right? We make mostly water…

Tony:  How are you making the noise? Can you show me?

Camilla:  Yeah. Let me just turn this down.

Tony:  So this is what you play during the class? Even that, it resonates at such a deep.. it’s like the brain isn’t it?

Camilla:  Yeah. You can play it very close to your face. You can feel it all the way through your body.

Tony:  Trippy isn’t it?

Camilla:  Isn’t it?

Tony:  Yeah, right there in front of me.

Camilla:  Why should you deny that? You know, everybody can just rhythm themselves. What they think that, I definitely never thought I would be playing a sound ball. Never. Ever. Honestly.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  If you told me that 10 years ago, I would go like oh right dear, whatever. But now, it’s just like, why not?

Tony:  That was really… So this guy that comes in?

Camilla:  He comes, he actually, there’s something called rolfing. Do you know what that is? He used to be a rolfer.

Tony:  Yeah, I have heard of it, yeah. It’s like this alignment isn’t it?

Camilla:  He basically believes that with the sound, he can help people align their bodies better with the sounds than with the rolfing. Because what I said about the,we’re mainly water right? So if the water’s gonna vibrate like that in the ball, well of course, it’s gonna do it in the body. So when I come home, and am like super jet lagged or whatever just been travelling, am straight in to the sound bath. I leave and am just like, hello am back. It’s the best. It resets the body. And I can’t believe am saying this, so with people listening, going come on now this is, me too I was so skeptical, I was so scared going to a sound bath. I was like no no no no, am never gonna enjoy that. No no.

Tony:  When I think about this podcast, is just it introduces people to options they might not have considered before. You don’t have to do it all. But you might. And there will be some people who will do this for the first time and love it and there will be some people who won’t and that’s fine.

Camilla:  Each to their own. But I will just say, just try different types of meditation because meditation doesn’t have to be just sit in stillness, it could be a sound bath where you’re tuning into the vibration, into the sound current, maybe that’s more interesting for you than sitting still. Just you know, focus on your breath, whatever works for people.

Tony:  I’m gonna get home and sleep you know.

Camilla:  You’re gonna buy a crystal before you go.

Tony:  I’m just gonna go home and sleep that’s it.

Camilla:  You’re gonna sleep so well tonight.

Tony:  Yeah. Thank you so much. It was great seeing you again.

Camilla:  And you.

Tony:  Yeah.

Camilla:  I wonder what we’ll do on the next podcast. I feel like a new book might get written next year.

Tony:  I think we need to record you doing a gong bath.

Camilla:  I don’t know about that, if I’ll actually ever do that. Famous last words?

Tony:  Yeah. It’s great seeing you again. Great to see you.

Camilla:  And you. Come back soon.

Tony:  Your retirement and see how much you’re loving it here as well.

Camilla:  What’s not to love right?

Tony:  Yeah. Yeah.

Camilla:  Do you know what? The people who are here tonight, just left a little bit more relaxed than when they arrived. And that serves a purpose for everybody right?

Tony:  Well I came with a few friends and saw them all float out.

Camilla:  We walked in and we float out.

Tony:  How does this work? With this new microphone technique. It’s been great seeing you.

Camilla:  You can just come back.

Tony:  Yeah exactly, thank you.

Camilla:  Thank you very much.

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