10% Happier: Meditation for Sceptics with Dan Harris #39

10% Happier: Meditation for Sceptics with Dan Harris #39


Relieve stress and find deep calm with some simple tips In today's podcast:

  • Learn how to tame the voice in your head
  • Reduce stress without losing your edge
  • Find self-help that actually works.

I was having a coffee with my mate James a couple of months ago and he recommended me a book called 10% Happier. "I haven't read it yet, so I can't vouch for it", he said, "but someone told me it's good".

Hmmm, not exactly the most enthusiastic of endorsements, but for some reason I decided to go and buy the book anyway. A couple of months on, I'm blown away by how good it is, and how inspiring it was for me personally. The story starts with American ABC Good Morning America presenter Dan Harris having a traumatic breakdown, live on air. This experience leads him down the path of trying to find answers, which he eventually does with meditation, the thing that makes him '10% happier'.


I messaged Dan straight after I finished the book, and I'm so pleased he's come on Zestology. He's got a great story, and this is undoubtedly one of my all-time favourite Zestology podcasts.

If you're a meditation sceptic (or skeptic), listen on. If you are a convert, definitely listen on, as this will provide more answers and some inspiration towards developing your meditative mojo.

When you listen you'll hear:

  • What led to meditation? [03:04]
  • Exhortation to demonstration [08:30]
  • Drugs and meditation [12:18]
  • The “voices in our head” [15:40]
  • Finding achievement [21:48]
  • Meditation & how it helps you? [24:08]
  • Compassion and building a good relationship [25:20]
  • Managing your ego [31:42]
  • Issues of attachment [35:01]
  • Working against yourself [38: 16]

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I'd love to hear what you think about meditation, and Dan's ideas. Let me know in the comments, and see you next Monday for more.



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