Meryl Streep commitment

Meryl Streep commitment


[1 minute self-development] UPDATED FEB 27th! Congratulations to Meryl Streep for winning yet another Oscar for her performance in The Iron Lady. What an actress, and what a performance.

Her powers of commitment and dedication to a role are legendary.

I like the story of when she got the role of a violinist in a film called Music of the Heart. To make herself authentic, she dedicated herself to the role so completely that she learnt and practiced the violin for six hours a day over two months.

That's dedication, eh?

At the end of it she could play Bach’s Concerto. Apparently even now she is proud at the considerable effort she put in, and the enjoyment she got from achieving a new skill.

She devotes her undivided attention to the task of succeeding in a role.

So what can we learn from Meryl Streep?  Firstly, she clearly devotes her 100% undivided attention to the task of succeeding in a role, covering every angle in her quest for perfection. And secondly, no matter how long you spend in make-up, you will not look like Thatcher the same way that she does! Which is probably a good thing.

She is already of course the proud owner of an Oscars Lifetime Achievement Award, and this week it might be worth asking yourself:

  • How can you 'do a Meryl' and devote yourself 100% to a goal that is important to you?
  • What extra things can you do?
  • Do you care enough to spend six hours a day for two months towards your goal?
  • How can you dedicate your undivided attention to succeeding?

and finally, what are the little things you can start doing today towards achieving something big?


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