Mindfulness the Novak Djokovic way

Mindfulness the Novak Djokovic way


The tennis number one who thinks his way to success.

A book which has captivated me recently is by tennis champ Novak Djokovic - Serve To Win.

Now if your reaction to tennis is 'New Balls Please', then bear with me for a moment. Because Novak has had an extraordinary life. Having grown up in war-torn Serbia and survived the bombing of Belgrade, he then had to battle random injuries, collapses and breathing difficulties before eventually rising to world number one.

Some of the book deals with the gluten-free lifestyle that helped him take the final step from nearly-man to major winner. (The story of how he discovered he was gluten intolerant is fascinating - it involves a Serbian doctor diagnosing the problem by watching him play on television, and then giving him a crazy test to prove it. It involves the doctor holding a bread roll to Djokovic's stomach. Seriously. That in itself is a great read.)


I think you though might be particularly interested by the part on the mind and the chapter Training for the mind.

He emphasises the importance he places on looking after his mental well being to keep him in tiptop condition. He talks about the importance he places in sleep and exactly how goes about getting a great night's kip, every night.

And he uses Mindfulness every day. If you want to do more research on mindfulness then you can find more here, here and here, or read Novak's book for his version.

But to me the most important part is where he says this.

"I do this every day for about fifteen minutes, and it is as important to me as my physical training"

Very interesting. The world's top tennis player claims the work he does on his mind is as important as the work he does on his body and on the court.

Most of us don't have a career like tennis where you can measure performance by scores and results. But this is an excellent reminder for us to look after our minds as much as possible, using whatever works best.

What works best for you? Let me know below.

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