Mindset. With Ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes #104

Mindset. With Ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes #104


  Dean Karnazes is a celebrated Ultra Marathon Runner. In fact they call him Ultra MarathonMan because he’s broken so many boundaries.

So on this podcast:

  • How to get your head in the right place
  • Get into an ultra mindset right now, as you listen
  • Also. What happens if you don't sleep for three days? (Dean did this)

This week it's Ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes on Zestology. He came on around a year ago and was awesome, so I wanted to get him back on. He’s one of the worlds most prolific runners and a big name. If you want to get inspired - check out Dean on Zestology today here on iTunes, here on Spotify.

He also ran for 3 days straight, without stopping and without sleeping. SO what's that got to do with mindset? Find out on Zestology.

And remember to check out my other interview with Dean a while back

When you listen you'll hear

  • Running is my time [1:59]
  • The Road to Sparta, book by Dean Karnazes [3:05]
  • The turning point of Dean Karnazes [5:00]
  • The projection technique [8:29]
  • The self-selection diet of Dean Karnazes [11:29]
  • Dean Karnazes' relieves Pheidippides' experience [12:01]
  • The primal state of mind and the experience of running with the mind and spirit [15:35]
  • Marathon is a way to escape from the world and connect with it on a deep level [19:01]
  • Flow happens serendipitously [27:09]
  • Dean Karnazes as the US Athlete Ambassador [32:19]
  • Motivation and discipline [42:55]

For more information

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Enjoy and see you next week.

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