The Motivateers* (*made up word)

The Motivateers* (*made up word)


[1 minute self development] The Motivateers - click here to listen now - The Motivateers (1 Minute)

You know what it's like. Every once in a while you wake up and feel totally unmotivated.

Your face feels like it's glued to the pillow. Your energy levels are running on empty. No amount of caffeine can get that usual zing back.

When that happens, I reckon there is only one way to motivate yourself.

Action. Action first.

Motivation doesn't lead to action, but action leads to motivation.

It's so powerful, that I've put together a little one-minute program for you to listen to this week. It's below. Don't listen until you want a little extra zing for your day. Don't listen until you want a little extra motivation and you're ready to hear, in one minute, exactly how to take action. Then… go for it and click below.

The Motivateers (1 Minute)

Once you've listened, you'll be one of the Motivateers*

*Completely made-up word. My definition - good at stimulating interest and action in something in most circumstances.

Have a good week,


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OMG, no wifi??

OMG, no wifi??

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