No hangover - Todd White #111

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If you drink alcohol, listening to this podcast may change your hangovers forever. I do - moderately, and my hangovers have got steadily worse over the years. I even started to feel like I was getting a hangover during drinking. Until Dave Asprey introduced me to Todd White.

Todd runs America's largest natural wine company Dry Farm Wines, and it turns out much of what makes us feel bad is the preservatives put in alcohol. Take them out, and you might start to feel considerably better.

Todd came over to my place and we recorded this podcast on wine, meditation (this is my fave bit of the podcast), and more. Listen to this before your next glass of something nice.

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When you listen you'll hear

  • Where to find delicious and natural wines [6:26]
  • What is a natural wine? [8:18]
  • Alcohol is toxic [11:09]
  • The hidden ingredients in commercial and traditional wine [13:34]
  • The effects of alcohol and sugar [15:22]
  • France is the birthplace of the revival of natural wine-making [20:55]
  • What do wine experts think of natural wine as opposed to commercial wine [26:51]
  • Expanded consciousness, health span and achieving quality life [34:45]
  • The ketogenic state [37:11]
  • To feel is to understand [39:10]

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