Relaxation n' stuff

Relaxation n' stuff


[1 minute self-development] It's hard to relax when you feel physically and mentally drained. So how to do it?

First up this week, a story from Karianne, who sent me an email about her recent brush with illness, and how it came exactly the same time as a crucial work presentation.

Hi Tony

I sent you a mail last week to thank you for the gold collection app. I have been using it on and off for half a year and mostly I listen to the motivation,inspiration or creative stuff. I am Future Executive Sales Director for a major cosmetic company and am dependent on my own mental state to keep the good flow.  This tool is simple and easy to do. When I listen it's during my daily walk to my office.

I am quite energetic and love to be on the go. And you can only imagine how lost I felt when I was badly hit by a virus a month ago.  The doctor ordered me to take it really easy to get rid of it or it might have got worse. Yikes! I had several appointments and an event coming up. I had no backup plan and I just HAD to do it. Every time I took any exercise my heart just sped up and I got dizzy, confused and exhausted . Really bad! It will disappear If I can slow down for a couple of weeks, but of course I had to still present this event. 

The day before the event (guess what - it was Friday 13th too), I tried the iRelaxation session and found it really powerful. I have tried anchoring before but not to slow down, just to pump me up;). It was so great. 

It really worked very well! Saturday I held the event and I was teaching for 6 hours. Each time I felt the hammering started I manage to slow it down again via anchoring. Even on stage! So much easier than meditating for 20 min;) four times a day (one is more than enough to manage). Fascinating. Thank you so much again. 



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Karianne, thank you for your email. Of course there are hundreds of different ways to relax, but in the audiobook iRelaxation that Karianne mentions, I present to you some absolute tried and tested techniques. Click on this link to get it on your iPhone.

Tony Wrighton's Relax in a Minute in Zest MagazineSecondly Relax in a minute pops up in Zest magazine this month.

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I'm currently waking up to a seriously upbeat burst of Fedde Le Grand every morning at the moment...

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The secret to enjoying life.

The secret to enjoying life.

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