Delish juicer

Delish juicer


Yes, it's true. I'm in danger of becoming a juice bore. I've been road-testing the new Retro Cold Press Juicer. And I have to say, I love it. It's 'cold press' because it is a masticating juicer (say that carefully!) and therefore works a bit slower than normal juicers to keep all the nutrients intact in your juice.


I have been using this every single day since I got it.

It's weird because drinking a green juice (lots of veg, not much fruit) on an empty stomach seems to have a remarkably similar effect to a shot of espresso.

Okay, more arty juicing shots coming up.


It's an enjoyable process making the juice.


There are quite a few bits to the juicer, and despite initially wondering if it'd be too much for my short attention span, it's all super simple.

Cleaning-wise, it doesn't take long at all, 3/4 mins. Or you can put in the dishwasher (the instructions actually recommend you don't do this as it will wear the parts easier. I have just whacked it all in there though and it seems to be okay.)

This particular juice had cucumber, courgette, apple, spinach, ginger, lime. They reckon all these nutrients hitting your body straight up is very energising.


Et voilà.


Seriously delish - and genuinely gives me energy. Which after all is the whole point of Zestology.

Are you juicing? Are you a juice bore? Make me happy and let me know.

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