Save yourself 23.4 minutes per day

Save yourself 23.4 minutes per day


A solution to the problem of a packed inbox.

Now here's a potential solution I've been using to the problem of far too many emails. It has been saving me, (I think) 23.4 minutes per day. Maybe a bit more, or less. Who cares - the point is, it works.

(I know that not everyone has the problem of too many emails, but it is regularly rated as the number one time waster. Email takes up far too much time, and can stop us from the important work that we need to do. That's because instead of being proactive, we're spending time reacting to other people by composing detailed replies that just aren't really needed. My friend reckons he gets 400 emails a day!)


Solution 1

Wake up in the morning and focus on the important bits. The important stuff. Don’t even open your email until late morning, or (even better) afternoon. The email tab on your phone remains unpressed as you go about your important business for the day.

This way you save your best energy and your peak time for your best work.

Zero interruptions, laser-like focus, what's not to love?

Some people can't do Solution 1, so solution 2.

Author Tim Ferriss checks twice a day and lets everyone know it with an auto-responder. (I'm not sure I'd use this, but it works for him).

“In an effort to be more effective and productive, I’m now only checking email two times per day at 10:00am PT and 4:00pm PT.

Would that help?

On a wider note, being able to cut through the email clutter is all part of simplifying and focusing on what's important. I've made good strides with this recently and am noticing the difference.

Good luck cutting through the clutter. I'm off to hang out in the park with the 23.4 minutes of extra time I've created today.

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