The Singing Doctor - with oncologist Dr. Steven Eisenberg #40

The Singing Doctor - with oncologist Dr. Steven Eisenberg #40


A doctor that sings to his patients. I know - it sounds utterly crazy doesn't it. I must admit I was super sceptical before I interviewed Dr. Steven Eisenberg, and now I confess I'm won over by his sheer energy and enthusiasm for looking after his patients physical and emotional wellbeing. But you can make your own mind up. Just make sure you listen, as he's a true healer, and he's certainly not conventional. He's won awards for the way he looks after his patients.

How good would it be to have a doctor that looked after your emotional as well as your physical needs?

Dr. Steven Eisenberg is a board certified oncologist who is certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology, and is most known for his love of writing songs for people living with cancer through The Lyrical Life Foundation.  He was just nominated for Best Bedside Manner for Medical Specialties in the Tri-city Medical Center, Academy Awards and for good reason. He also has tens of thousands of followers on social media and now has his own TV show starting soon.

He is... The Singing Doctor!


Check out the trailer for Dr. Steven's TV show.

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  • Conventional medicine with unconditional approach [02:45]
  • The power of music for recovery [06:45]
  • New Oxford study on the power of singing [08:47]
  • The influence of Peter Himmelman (how it all started) [10:08]
  • Building a foundation and establishing respect with your patients [16:11]
  • The Doctor Steven Show [19:00]
  • Healthy plant-based diet [20:45]
  • Stress and how to manage it [25:40]
  • Tracking calories [28:19]
  • Tiny habits - behavior change [31:00]  
  • The benefits of green tea [32:15]  

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