The small plate trick

The small plate trick


[1 minute self-development] Debbie is 33 and unhappy with her weight. She is at least a stone larger than she'd like to be, despite trying every diet in the book.

One day, whilst aimlessly surfing online, she stumbles upon an American website called The Small Plate Movement.

She initially dismisses the entire site as a joke. This site is pretty leftfield. These guys reckon simply by reducing the size of your plate, you'll eat less, and therefore lose weight. Ridiculous, right?

But, the more she reads, the more she sees that they've backed up all their research with government-approved science. Incredible as it may seems to Debbie, the site seems to suggest people serve themselves a portion based on the size of the plate they've got in front of them. Big plate = bigger portion. And smaller plate = smaller portion.

This gets Debbie thinking. She decides to invest in some new crockery. She changes her 12" plates for 10" plates.

In four months, she loses a stone.

True story. Apparently a two-inch smaller plate means we serve ourselves on average 22% less calories, and are still happy with what we've eaten.

And it works in other areas as well - smaller spoons, and (for the boozers amongst us) taller narrower glasses.

What can we learn? Little changes to our environment make a big difference. Our minds work in weird ways - and not just when it comes to food. Play around with your surroundings, try something different, see what happens.

And if you're trying to lose weight, get some of Debbie's 10" plates!

Tony Wrighton blog - image of Alan Partridgeps - this week's blog gives me the chance to illustrate my point with a picture of Alan Partridge and his big plate. Non-UK readers… check this out for a little taste of possibly the greatest ever Brit sitcom.

pps - if you want to get your kids, for example, to eat MORE - try putting more on the plate, and making the plate bigger.

ppps - look out for my High Achievers Gold Club. Coming soon...

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