The Reverse Elephant Technique

The Reverse Elephant Technique


Yes, this week, I really have created the strangely named 'Reverse Elephant Technique' (sometimes I surprise even myself), and I think you might find it useful. You may have heard this old saying:

Elephants never forget.

Elephants supposedly have an excellent memory due apparently to their brains being denser than humans, and their temporal lobes - associated to memory - being more developed than ours.

But here's a question. As far as us humans are concerned, would it be a good thing to 'never forget'? I'm not sure.

Sometimes harbouring a grudge just makes you bitter. Sometimes worrying about the past just makes you edgy. Sometimes thinking about unnecessary stuff just does your head in.

(The word 'stuff' here best describes the whole range of weirdness our brains think about if given enough time and space.)

So when you're ready to stop thinking about all that, do the reverse elephant and start to forget.


My newly named 'Reverse Elephant Technique'

  • Imagine you are looking through a small glass window with a thick, dirty frame. Through this window you can see yourself. You are looking at an iPhone, propped up on a table. Unusually, the iPhone only works in black and white.
  • Watch yourself watching the negative experience (whatever it may be) on the iPhone in black and white. Make sure to start it at a time beforehand when you felt relaxed.
  • Finish it on pause at another time afterwards - any time - when again, you felt safe and relaxed.
  • Now imagine yourself the other side of the window, and imagine yourself in the screen, surrounded by the picture in that safe and relaxed moment you just paused.
  • Now you're 'in the picture', your surroundings are colour. Start to rewind very quickly, so that it rewinds in colour around you. Ensure that in a few seconds, you are paused back at the start.


Do this a few times, then notice how the event reduces in emotional signifiance.

This is based on the famous NLP 'Fast-Phobia Cure' technique that I've used many times with clients. It's all about disassociating your mind from negative past emotions and it works. Congratulations. You're now doing the reverse elephant.

Have a great week.


Tony Wrighton

ps - check out the wonderful grass flip flops my sister gave me. Now they are cool...

pps - last week's blog was opened in 87 countries - a new record. Thank you.

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