The Secret Sauce of High Performance

The Secret Sauce of High Performance


If there was something you could do right now that was scientifically proven to improve your speed of movement, dexterity, blood pressure, eyesight, memory and cognitive abilities, would you do it? Award-winning psychologist Dr. Ellen Langer carried out a fascinating experiment which she found led to better health, optimism and vitality amongst her subjects. It involved feeling younger and healthier by simply changing the way you think and act.

Click here for the BBC article on what exactly happened in the experiment.

I blogged about this last year, and had a huge response. It really struck a chord, and so inspired by the As If experiment, I've created a program in the Zestology Challenge to help you achieve the same results.

It's called The Secret Sauce (of High Performance)

Tony Wrighton High Performance - Secret Sauce

Because the secret ingredient in high performance is not the Law of Attraction, or visualisation, and it's not really focusing on your goalIt's truly associating with how you want to be as a person.

There are so many things we can't control in life. But we can control our behaviour, and when we do that effectly our behaviour can start to propel us towards our goals.

So. The Secret Sauce is being able to work a way of being that would help you on your journey, and then, just as Dr. Ellen Langer's subjects did, successfully associating with that, and living that way.

Because often we tend to frustratingly associate with the bad stuff - failures, perceived shortcomings, worries - and disassociate from ourselves at our very best - curious, focused, witty, intelligent, healthy, etc (That's just some examples... carry on writing your own list)

So, I've put together a program for my Zestology Challenge members, and it's having decent results, because the best way to properly associate is to have a guide to help you there. It's all very well trying to shut your eyes and do it yourself, but that doesn't work as well.

Click below, and like Dr. Langer's subjects, start truly associating with an improved you, and start being that person. I've been using it myself too, (bit weird listening to my own voice, but the program does work), and it truly is helping people to adjust to an even better reality.

Tony Wrighton High Performance - Secret Sauce

We focus on two areas

  • Associating with exactly how you'd like to be in one month's time.
  • Associating with exactly how you'd like to be in five year's time.

Notice, the emphasis is not on your goals. But how you will be as a person - because then we start to focus on what you can control.

If your goal is to become a world class piano player, the way you want to be may be: studious, fit, healthy, someone who rises early to practice, curious about other successful piano players, etc.

The Secret Sauce focuses on the outcome, but also on the journey.

And then you start listening. As you open the bottle of secret sauce, and start to identify with who and where you really want to be, make those colours big and bright, and start to notice how good it feels, you start to associate. And the secret sauce starts to work its magic. And over a period of days and weeks, your unconscious mind starts to react to the hypnotic language and music, and starts to align itself with this improved way of being and everything you need to get there.

Go on - stop procrastinating, and open the bottle today.



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