The Da Vinci secret to success

The Da Vinci secret to success


[1 minute self development] What is it that you'd really love to achieve? Lose weight? Make more money? Get a new job? Quit smoking?

The other evening, there was only a small thing that I wanted to achieve.  I simply wanted to sit down and write this blog, and make it good. I had two hours spare, lots of coffee in Starbucks, and unlimited wifi.

Ahh.  Unlimited wifi.  The killer to productivity.

An hour and a half later, I had surfed the 'net so thoroughly that I was fully up-to-date with the most unnecessary details of my friends lives (thanks Facebook). But I had no blog written. Thankfully - I remembered the words of Leonardo Da Vinci just in time.

“Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are most active.”

How do you do this?  Reduce the amount of information coming in. Give your brain a rest, so that you can focus on creativity and inspiration.  If da vinci was alive today, how could he possibly have been dreaming up yet more ideas for paintings, books, and geolological theories if he was checking his phone every five minutes only to find yet another spam email selling Viagra?

I shut the Facebook window, the Twitter window, the email window, and the other four unnecessary windows.  I closed my computer lid, sat down and did nothing.

I did 'the least work'.

Before long, I started to feel rested and calm.  Then my brain started to gently hum with ideas and inspiration. In no time, I'd remembered the best way to motivate and inspire myself, and surprise, surprise, it wasn't by reading my friends' facebook posts.

So back to the question, what is it that you'd really love to achieve?  Lose weight? Make more money? Get a new job? Quit smoking?  All these things need a plan, and inspiration, and good decent rest-time can only help your motivation levels. If you really want to make progress on that amazing goal, my new course on motivation starts in a few weeks, and it could be the best November you've ever had.

Motivation in a minute:  The solution

  • The four week course – Motivation in a minute – starting November 1st
  • Daily program + daily feedback + proven techniques
  • Four private phone/skype sessions with me, individually tailored to your goal
  • You’ll learn the true NLP way of how to get things done, what works when it comes to motivation, and why
  • Yes, that feedback is daily = no escape!
  • You’ll learn the special technique that means this stuff will carry on working long into the future
  • Best bit: You put it all into practice every day, and achieve something outstanding by the end of November.

Click here now for details and register.

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