You can do THIS with your screensaver!

You can do THIS with your screensaver!


The power of photos to help you reach your goal Ever heard of a Mood Board?

To be honest, whenever I heard anyone talking about a mood board in the past, it always sounded like a bit too much like hard work, and also a little bit like being in class. Far too much chopping, cutting out, arranging pictures in pretty little sequences (I was really bad at art in school), and hours of your life draining away for nothing.

But I've often thought photos have a particular power to represent a goal.

And taking a photo of something that represents your goal, then saving it to your screensaver seems like a particularly good idea.

Tony Wrighton Screenshots BlogNow, we've got all the tools to make a decent mood board on our devices in about five minutes flat, and it doesn't involve lots of glue and annoying fiddly cutty outty bits, or feeling like you are 11 years old again.

    • So – it might be a collage of New York photos – reminding you of your goal to make more money this year and book a great holiday to NYC.
    • Or – it might be a picture of a country cottage – reminding you of your goal to go and stay in, er… a country cottage.
    • It could be a quote or a series of quotes, to inspire you to get something done.
    • Or anything!

What's your goal, and what's your screensaver going to look like?

I hope this doesn't seem too much like stating the obvious. The thing is, our devices all do this kind of thing so easily now, but I still find I actually need a nudge to make the most of the technology to inspire me.

So this is your nudge.

There's some more ideas here... all of these designs can be easily made on a whole host of apps, or the quotes above can be downloaded easily enough online on great sites like or

Or you could go for something a bit more, uh, direct, like the one below from the excellent Believe To Achieve.

Screensaver motivational

Well, it's direct...

And if you simply don't have any other inspiration...  just spend ages arranging your desktop so it looks just perfect and gives you a smile every time you see it.


How about you? Let me know below.


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