Sky Sports presenter, author of 3 books, Zestology podcaster

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The viral interview

One of the most bizarre and amusing post-match reactions at the World Cup of Pool.

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Wicks on Zestology

Joe Wicks had just flown in from LA and was claiming jet-lag, yet remained ridiculously well-groomed, charming… and just so nice…


A regular on Sky Sports News and a familiar face on Sky Sports, presenting sports including football, golf, basketball, hockey, squash, pool, table tennis and even live ten-pin bowling.

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3 books published by Virgin Books, which have been translated into 12 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Turkish. These days there’s more blogging and podcasting though.

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One of the UK’s top wellness podcasts (he says modestly). Guests include best-selling authors, genius scientists, meditation experts, sports stars, health inspirers, and other experts.

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Recommended hacks

Here is a list of things that have popped up again and again on Zestology for more energy and vitality. Some people call it biohacking. I say call it whatever you like.

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